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English News / TATRA TRUCKS plans to manufacture 760 vehicles in 2014

TATRA TRUCKS has produced over 400 vehicles this year. more >>

Part of Václav Havel International Airport to undergo renovation to accommodate giant A380s

Prague’s Václav Havel International Airport will undergo a makeover of one of its key areas and terminals to be able to accommodate giant Airbus A380s. In the past the... more >>

English News / Total of 4,474 utility vehicles above 3.5 tonne registered in Czech Republic in H1 2014

A total of 4,474 utility vehicles above 3.5 tonne were registered in the Czech Republic in the first half of 2014. more >>

Czech and Slovak banks to support joint business ventures on foreign markets

The Czech Republic’s Export Bank and Slovakia’s Eximbank on Tuesday signed an agreement on cooperation in supporting joint Czech and Slovak business ventures abroad. ... more >>

Hyundai Mobis to get Czech investment incentives of up to Kc433m

Prague - The Czech government and South Korea's Hyundai Mobis today signed an investment agreement under which the Czech Republic will provide investment incentives of... more >>

Czech press survey - July 29

Prague - Czech Finance Minister and ANO movement chairman Andrej Babis says he feels ashamed of the poor performance of the Chamber of Deputies, but the performance of... more >>

English News / Tripartity agrees on growth in wages paid to people employed by state

Czech PM Bohuslav Sobotka (ČSSD) said during the Tripartity meeting that the wages paid to people employed by the state will grow by at least 3.5% beginning January 2015. more >>

English News / Tripartity discuses minimal wage amount

Social partners (Tripartity) will discuss again the proposal to raise minimal wages in September. more >>

Tourism stagnates despite massive state spending

While the Czech Republic has made an enormous investment in tourism in recent years, the injection of funds has failed to yield positive results, according to a new ... more >>

English News / ČMKOS chairman rejects devaluation of Czech crown

On Monday, July 28, 2014 Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (ČMKOS) Chairman Josef Středula rejected an eventual devaluation of the Czech currency towards ... more >>

English News / IDC: Average annual growth in IT investments to reach 4.5%

The company IDC predicts a steady growth in IT investments in a period of years 2014-2018. more >>