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Love Trumps Hate Rally taking place in Prague

A sister event to the Women’s March on Washington, the Love Trumps Hate rally will take place Jan. 21 from noon to 2 pm in Prague's Wenceslas Square near the statue ... more >>

Filing US Taxes Abroad

For American citizens living and working in the Czech Republic, figuring out how to file annual Czech income taxes can be a challenge. Add the responsibility of ... more >>

Things to Think About - What is Our Purpose in Life?

Thinking about our purpose in life can be truly overwhelming.  Where does one begin--with family? Close friends? What about society?  How about your profession? Then ... more >>

Czech companies start getting to grips with Industry 4.0 revolution

Revolutions promise change, the only problem being that the promised changes don’t always go to plan and rapid transformation often throws up its own batch of winners ... more >>

Red tape is tying up development of new flats

Taking the average wages into account, people pay significantly more for flats in Prague than in neighboring Germany and Poland. Developers say the situation is due ... more >>

Czech dairy farmers seek to take greater control over their fates

Czech dairy farmers have little reason to be cheerful. Latest European Union figures show they are being paid the lowest prices for their raw product across the 28 EU ... more >>

Fast track programme for Ukraine workers creates strain between Czech unions and bosses

In times of boom and for selected fields of employment the Czech Republic has frequently looked East to supplement its labour force. A decade or two ago, the target ... more >>

Czech College named partner in European Commission’s Erasmus + Interactive Education in 360 Programme

How would it feel to get a 360 degree view of what is being taught to you in the classroom? With digital transformation revolutionising every aspect of our lives, it ... more >>

Czech arms industry exports up for fourth straight year

Although the official numbers will only be released by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in several months’ time, all indications are that 2016 was a very good year ... more >>

Big budget surplus turns into big headache

General satisfaction with the outcome of the 2016 budget, which ended with a surplus of 61.8 billion crowns, was short lived. Coalition parties are now embroiled in a ... more >>

Interview with JUDr. Rostislav Dvořák, President of the Union of Czech Production Co-operatives

Did you know that the tradition of production co-operatives in the Czech lands dates back to the middle of 19 th century? That the longest functioning Moravian ... more >>

Czech firms showcase their innovations in Las Vegas

The world’s biggest showcase for consumer technology firms, tech heads, and those wanting to get a glimpse of the latest innovations, has just closed its doors. Some ... more >>

Things to Think About - A New Perspective on Growth

Let’s face it, growth—meaningful, personal growth—can be uncomfortable.  It’s not easy to change a well-worn behavior, or approach, or attitude.  Emotional growth, ... more >>