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Technical University of Ostrava’s Petr Štefek on the benefits of 3D metal printing

3D printing has on caught more and more in recent years, both on the hobby and industrial ends of the market. At VŠB, the Technical University of Ostrava, students can... more >>

ČEZ split looking unlikely as ministers oppose idea

When company bosses take a step back from a project they have initiated and backed you might well suspect that it’s going to hit the wall or be kicked into the thick ... more >>

Survey: Czexit talk making companies anxious

Almost 80 percent of locally-based companies are disturbed by a recent debate in the Czech Republic about a referendum on leaving the European Union, suggests a new ... more >>

2017 best year in Škoda Auto’s history, says CEO

The year 2017 was the most successful so far in Mladá Boleslav-based carmaker Škoda Auto’s history, CEO Bernhard Maier has confirmed for news site iDnes. According to ... more >>

Czech lobbyists target for fresh regulatory attempt

The Czech government has moved, not for the first time, to try and regulate lobbying. The country at the moment is one of the handful in Europe that had no specific ... more >>

Czech businessman buys Austrian ski-maker

Czech billionaire Tomáš Němec has expanded his ski-manufacturing business by acquiring a majority share in the Austrian company Kästle, the Czech News Agency reported ... more >>

Prague ham makes EU list of traditional specialities

Prague ham, a traditional Czech delicacy, has recently been added to the EU list of ‘traditional specialities guaranteed.’ The boneless pork ham, which is mildly ... more >>

Signs Of a Czech Financial Revolution?

I like Prague, it’s full of surprises. It’s a city of contrasts.  And this is also reflected in the clients we meet as financial advisers. The Brits who move here do ... more >>

Chief looks to automated future as Chamber of Commerce marks 25 years

The Czech Chamber of Commerce on Monday marked 25 years of existence. The organisation’s president, Vladimír Dlouhý, says its members have much to be pleased about – ... more >>

Things to Think About - Life tends to snap you at your weakest link

I never tire of the common sense insights from Warren Buffet and this is sure a wonderful example on a number of levels.  Think about it for a moment.  How would you... more >>

Business partners didn’t understand potential of opening a “hip” board games café, says founder of Bohemia Boards & Brews

Bohemia Boards & Brews, is a café/pub/bar that boasts a library of some 500 board games, is one of a kind in the Czech capital, a trendy, well-designed venue for both ... more >>

Czech publisher Albatros flies high with Vyšehrad deal

Consolidation on the Czech publishing scene is proceeding apace following the announcement that one of the country’s biggest publishers is taking over one of the ... more >>

Forty billion crown price tag put on Prague D metro line

Construction works on a section of the planned new “D” line of the Prague Metro system, leading from Pankrác to Depo Písnice, should cost 39.7 billion crowns, suggests... more >>
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