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Brno musicians turn hobby into multi-million equipment export business for top studios

Two Brno art students have done what many people dream about: turning their hobby in a business. In this case the two passionate musicians built their own musical kit ... more >>

Czech iconic start up travel agency seen for sale

One of the biggest Czech business success stories of the post-Velvet Revolution is up for sale according to the business daily, Hospodářské Noviny. more >>

Czech auto sector seeks take-off on Indian market

Major Czech auto industry players are turning their attention to India, the daily Hospodářské noviny reported on Tuesday. The car industry in India has been growing at... more >>

Czech labour minister seeks to speed up recruitment of Ukrainians

The Czech Republic has the lowest jobless rate in the European Union with vacancies now outstripping the registered unemployed. But moves to attract workers from ... more >>

Things to Think About - There are two kinds of virtues: resume virtues and eulogy virtues

I love quotes that help us put things into perspective, as this one does for me.  In my work with leaders, I often ask them to discuss what they want their legacy to ... more >>

Prague stock exchange seeks new start with small company offers

Prague’s stock exchange has had something of a roller coaster existence after it reopened in 1993, a few years after the fall of communism in 1989. It's now looking to... more >>

Czech group ousts Chinese flagship investor, CEFC, from control of local empire

The Chinese group at the centre of Czech moves to boost relations and economic ties with Beijing has suffered a high profile and embarrassing setback. A Czech ... more >>

Rail connection to Prague airport comes step closer

Work on the most complicated section of a rail connection between central Prague and the city’s Václav Havel Airport can go ahead after the withdrawal of a petition ... more >>

Small country Czechs ponder AI opportunities and challenges

Artificial intelligence is sometimes referred to as the new oil and is seen as one of the main drivers of economic growth in the decades going forward. For the Czech ... more >>

Czech telecoms market set for shake-up on Vodafone-UPC deal

The British-based Vodafone Group has agreed to buy US cable operator Liberty Global’s operations in four European countries, including the Czech Republic. The deal, ... more >>

Czech economy still booming but how long can growth be sustained?

After strong growth last year, the Czech Republic’s economy continues to thrive. Indeed, according to freshly released preliminary figures, gross domestic product ... more >>

ANO and Social Democrats reach agreement on changes to law on electronic cash registers

The ANO party which is trying to form a coalition government with the Social Democrats, with tacit support from the Communist Party, is preparing changes to the law on... more >>

Czech state forest boss felled amid calamitous bark beetle infestation

The head of the state-owned forestry company Lesy ČR, Daniel Szórád, has been sacked by the Minister of Agriculture in resignation Jiří Mílek. The reason? The ... more >>
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