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Things to Think About - Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin

I just love quotes that cause you to nod your head in agreement, or that send a chill up your back because they speak an uncomfortable truth that really resonates.  ... more >>

Prague is sixth-most developed EU region

Prague is the sixth most developed region in the European Union, based on GDP per capita calculated in purchasing power parity. Luxembourg was in first place, ... more >>

ČEZ cleared to sell Varna power plant in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian antitrust authority has allowed local transport company SIGDA to buy the Bulgarian black coal power plant in Varna from the Czech power company ČEZ. more >>

Eurostat: Czech Republic sixth among EU countries in ski and snowboard exports

Last year, more than 7.3 million pairs of skis and snowboards were exported by European Union member states, according to the EU’s statistical office, Eurostat. Some ... more >>

Stores must donate unsold food

A new regulation will require supermarkets to give unsold but still consumable food to charity. The amendment to the Food Act comes into effect at the start of the ... more >>

Prague among the cheapest places for offices

Prague offers relatively cheap office workspaces. Office spaces in Prague are about 90 percent cheaper than those in Hong Kong, which is the world’s most expensive ... more >>

Škoda Auto to import cars from Russia to meet demand in Europe

The carmaker Škoda Auto is continuing to set sales records and in order to meet high demand is planning to import some vehicles from Russia, Hospodářské noviny ... more >>

Hopeful punt on Indian pet food market pays off for Czech producer

India with its population of around 1.4 billion and growth rate for 2016 of just over 7.0 percent is clearly an appetising market for anyone. But it’s sheer size, ... more >>

Czech law students excel in FDI Moot contest

Czech law students from Prague’s Charles University excelled in this year’s FDI Moot contest beating their American counterparts from Harvard and Russia’s prestigious ... more >>

Incoming Czech industry minister put energy and digitalisation high on agenda

The proposed incoming minister of energy and trade has outlined his priorities. These include energy, ‘smart’ households, dealing with the country’s industrial waste ... more >>

Fact: Over 40% of the companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2000 were no longer there in 2010

For some reason, this statistic never ceases to amaze me, because of what it says about the consequences of failing to adapt to changing circumstances. Today, more ... more >>

European navigation agency lands substantial sums for Czech capital

Prague’s sole European agency, an offshoot of the Galileo navigation system, has brought 1 billion crowns worth of benefits to the Czech capital during its short stay.... more >>

Czech travel service start-up heading for sale

One of the biggest and most successful recent Czech starts up is reported to be heading for a sale with an impressive price tag of at least 10 billion crowns. Some say... more >>
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