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Things to Think About - There are seven days in the week, and “someday” isn’t one of them

Having been raised in the farm country, there is something about very simple, direct statements of common sense, like this quote, that really carry a punch for me.  ... more >>

Business News 22.5.2015

In Business News: Czech national bank puts pressure on domestic banks to curb long-term mortgages; steel industry rebounds; the cheque is not in the mail, at least ... more >>

Jaguar Land Rover seen parking new manufacturing plant in Central Europe

Rumours are circulating that a major car manufacturer is eyeing up locations in Central Europe for a new plant. And top of the range producer Jaguar Land Rover, owned ... more >>

HealthMin: Health insurance companies redistribute CZK 17.91bn

The total sum redistributed to health insurance companies within the framework of public health insurance in the Czech Republic amounted to CZK 17.91bn in May 2015, ... more >>

Raiffeisenbank reports higher profit, loans and deposits

In Q1 2015, Raiffeisenbank reported net profit of CZK 701m. Client loans grew 13% to CZK 175bn while client deposits added 12% to CZK 160bn. Capital adequacy stood ... more >>

Seznam tops billion crown profit for first time in 2014

Czech search engine Seznam has shown in its 2014 results that it has fine-tuned the formula for extracting earnings from its core Internet activity and web servers. ... more >>

Czech economic policy mix gets IMF seal of approval

‘IMF approved’ is probably a badge that the Czech government ministers, finance ministry officials, and central bank policy setters could wear with pride after the ... more >>

Farm ministers set store by EU measures against abusive retailers

The agriculture ministers of the Visegrad countries, along with Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia, agreed on Tuesday on a joint statement in which they are calling on the... more >>

Battle looms over Elbe as government seeks to push water transport

The Czech Republic is dissected by some major rivers but water transport is now very much a Cinderella sector compared with road, rail, and air transport. But there ... more >>

SGEF grew 25% in Q1 2015

The total acquisition price financed by Société Générale Equipment Finance Czech Republic (SGEF) grew 25% to CZK 2bn y/y in Q1 2015. The growth was driven primarily ... more >>

ČMKOS asks for 5% increase in wages in non-business sphere

The Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (ČMKOS) asks for a 5% increase in salaries in the non-business sphere in 2016. This statement was made by chairman ... more >>

Huisman CZ manufactures parts of Dutch tidal power plant

Czech technicians from Sviadnov-based Huisman CZ will design and produce the controlling parts of turbines for a tidal power plant in the Netherlands. The 1 MW power... more >>