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Czech government clears consumer rights boost

The Czech Republic’s national record on consumer protection has not been outstanding with scandals often erupting about sharp practices by salesmen and companies. But ... more >>

Things to Think About - Courage is a love affair with the unknown

Someone once told me that for a leader to succeed in the 21 st century they would to master how to become comfortable in uncomfortable circumstances, because the ... more >>

Food double standards now in EU's spotlight

The European Commission wants to get clear evidence that food and cleaning items sold under the same names are not the same in different markets. The Commission ... more >>

City approves Smart City plan

Prague City Hall approved the Smart City concept, which is intended to make resident's lives easier through modern technology. The city will set aside Kč 600 ... more >>

Employers angered by unions demand for 10 percent wage hike in private sector

Czech and Moravian trade unions have said they will demand an 8 to 10 percent wage hike in negotiations with employers, based on the country’s healthy growth and wage ... more >>

Czech public sector pay rising fastest

Pay growth has been faster in the public than private sector and unions are now turning to securing further increases for workers in the latter area. more >>

Czechs taking lead in voice recognition

Czech scientists are at the forefront of developing voice recognition and artificial intelligence. A team from Brno is cooperating with the US Defense Department and... more >>

Lidl to launch e-shop

Retail chain Lidl is testing an e-shop for the Czech Republic. It will be the German retailer's first e-shop in Central and Eastern Europe, and fourth in total. The ... more >>

Warehouse workers in short supply, reports Czech Radio

According to Czech Radio, warehouse workers are in short supply in the Czech Republic and more are needed monthly, as newer and newer logistics centres go up. more >>

Receipt lottery to be launched in October

The Ministry of Finance is set to launch a receipt lottery in October, the daily Hospodářské noviny reported on Tuesday. The lottery, which aims to encourage consumer ... more >>

Prices up 2.5 percent from last year

Consumer prices in August dropped by 0.1 percent compared with July. But compared to last August, consumer prices grew 2.5 percent, according to the Czech ... more >>

Teachers to get 15 percent pay rise from November

From November Czech teachers will get a pay rise of 15 percent while other public sector staff will receive 10 percent more, the PM said on Monday. more >>

Dasbach Smits appointed new manager for shopping center Metropole in Prague

Metropole, with a GLA of 55,000m2 is one of the largest and most successful shopping centers in the Czech Republic. The center is located in the western part of ... more >>