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Former Czech Prime Minister, Jan Fischer to address UNYP Graduates

On Friday, June 22nd the University of New York in Prague will hold its 17th annual Graduation Ceremony at Palác Žofín. The Keynote speaker for the 2018 UNYP ... more >>

New boss tasked with overhauling struggling Czech Post

Czech Post has a new director general. Freshly-installed chief Roman Knap has been tasked with cutting costs but also raising salaries at the beleaguered postal ... more >>

Prague Castle festival offers best of craft beer

Prague Castle is hosting a two-day festival of mini breweries. The annual event, which kicks off on Friday afternoon, will offer the cream-of-the-crop of Bohemian and ... more >>

Petrof Piano maker records highest sales in nine years

The world-renowned Czech piano maker Petrof last year recorded a turnover to the tune of 245 million crowns, which is an increase by nine percent on the previous year. more >>

Tax bill to impact budgets of public broadcasters

A government VAT bill will lead to Czech Television and Czech Radio losing a significant chunk of their annual budgets. However, the Ministry of Finance says the ... more >>

Czech restaurants and pubs facing serious shortage of workers

Czech restaurant and hotel owners are struggling with a major shortage of skilled workers, the daily Hospodářské noviny reported on Wednesday. With the tight labour ... more >>

Czech Consulate in Lvov improves visa system after allegations of corruption

In response to numerous complaints with regard to abuse of the Czech visa system in Ukraine, the Czech consulate in Lvov has moved to simplify and speed up the ... more >>

Czech central bank to set stricter conditions for extending mortgages

The Czech National Bank is due on Tuesday to recommend stricter lending conditions over rising concerns that a potential shock to the economy could lead to widespread ... more >>

Authorities shut “mothership” of shady Prague exchange offices

A downtown Prague exchange office that offered very low rates to visitors has just been shut down and ordered to pay a stiff fine. While some will welcome the closure ... more >>

Chequepoint loses exchange license

The Czech National Bank (ČNB) has finally taken action against one of Prague's most notorious money exchange outlets. The ČNB announced on its website that it has ... more >>

Internet banking in Czech Republic on the rise

The number of Czechs using internet banking has steeply increased over the past ten years. While in 2008, only about 12 percent of Czechs made their payments via the ... more >>

Over one million tourists used Airbnb to visit Czechia in 2017

More than one million tourists who visited the Czech Republic last year were accommodated via Airbnb, which is an increase by over 50 percent on the previous year. The... more >>

Ministry aggro over Kaufland’s 1-crown milk offer sparks pricing investigation

The Ministry of Agriculture is taking unprecedented action against a supermarket chain over a promotional campaign. The ministry objects to German retailer Kaufland ... more >>
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