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Czech govt approves ammunition supply for Kurds in Iraq

Prague - The Czech government today approved the supply of ammunition for Kalashnikov rifles and machine guns as well as grenades and bazooka ammunition for the ... more >>

Interview with Petr Sýkora, one of the founders of Dobry Andel in Czech Republic

In 2011, Petr Sýkora and Jan Černý decided to establish the GOOD ANGEL endowment fund  because they realized that in addition to personal and physical pain, an ... more >>

Czech press survey - August 27

Prague - The directly elected Czech President Milos Zeman promised that he would reveal the names of the authors of the controversial amnesty declared by his ... more >>

18th Forum 2000 Conference - Register now!

The 18th annual Forum 2000 Conference titled “Democracy and Its Discontents: A Quarter-Century After the Iron Curtain and Tiananmen,” will be held October 12–15, ... more >>

Fairtrade mark popularity rises at a rapid pace in the Czech Republic

It has been ten years since products bearing the Fairtrade Certificate started being sold on the Czech market. The anniversary comes side by side news that 2013 was ... more >>

Czech press survey - August 26

Prague - The Czech Republic will definitely have a new civil service law but it is also certain that the legislation will need to be amended soon, David Klimes writes ... more >>

Share of women in top managerial positions exceeds 30 pct

Prague - The share of women in top managerial positions at large Czech companies increased from 22 percent in 2009 to more than 30 percent this year, according to a ... more >>

Agriculture Ministry: Czech exporters may lose hundreds of millions of crowns due to Russian food embargo

Czech food exporters are bracing for the impact of Russia’s sweeping ban on food imports introduced in response to EU sanctions over Ukraine. In terms of agricultural ... more >>

Czech firms expect losses of Kc millions due to sanctions - poll

Prague - Czech exporters expect to lose contracts worth tens up to millions of crowns at the most over the current sanctions between the EU and Russia in the next 12 ... more >>

Czechs to take part in Malian, Afghan missions - PM

Prague - The Czech Republic will participate in the military mission in Mali, the non-combat mission in Afghanistan and the protection of airspace of its allies in ... more >>

Czech press survey - August 25

Prague - Czech foreign policy is not as unstable now as when Vaclav Klaus was the country´s president, Alexandr Mitrofanov writes in daily Pravo today in relation to a... more >>