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Things to Think About - Change is hard

This quote addresses one of the most common issues I, and the leaders with whom I work, deal with on a daily basis when trying to get others to accept change.  The ... more >>

Business News 3.7.2015

In Business News this week: the Czech economy grew by four percent year-on-year in first quarter of 2015; E15: MAFRA shows interest in acquiring Slevomat; Car sales in... more >>

Some children’s summer camps hike prices – but still sell out

The end of school for the summer has paved the way for the start of summer camps, with children the first holiday weekend set to enjoy a heatwave no doubt at many of ... more >>

Welcome to

We are online now also in Slovakia ! aims to bring together International Expats and Slovak Business Professionals through Networking and Business ... more >>

Better times in sight for Czech filmmakers

The Czech government has approved an amendment to the audiovisual law that would provide stable funding for Czech cinematography and make the country more competitive ... more >>

Government approves Digital Literacy project which should help low-income groups gain access to the Internet

The Government on Wednesday approved a Digital Literacy project that should give people from low-income groups access to the Internet. The project, put forward by the ... more >>

EPH continues energy acquisitions this time in Hungary

The latest purchases for the group which describes itself as the leading Central European energy group are focused on Hungary, a relatively new and, on the face of it,... more >>

EUROVIA CS invests almost CZK 400m

EUROVIA CS plans to invest almost CZK 400m into machinery upgrades and operation modernisation in 2015, spokesperson Iveta Štoèková has told CIANEWS. According to ... more >>

CNB: Long-term loans extended to companies totalled CZK 476bn

The value of loans extended to residential non-financial companies in the Czech Republic totalled CZK 901bn in May 2015. Long-term loans hold the highest share in ... more >>

Emirates celebrating 5 years in the CZ

On paper, Czechs fit the Emirates airline's “globalista” profile – travelers who want to explore the world with the ease of modernity, convenience and simplicity. ... more >>

Number of female entrepreneurs on rise, according to Czech Radio

The number of female entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic has gone up by more than 30,000 over the last three years, according to Czech Radio. more >>

2 years - interview with CEO Pavel Suchanek

I guess it was destiny,” says Pavel Suchanek of his popular restaurant reservation and review service Restu. “No matter what you do, you’re always spinning around ... more >>