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Slovak Volkswagen strike settlement seen providing Czech inspiration

With wages set to a major issue in looming Czech parliamentary elections, a major strike by Volkswagen workers in neighbouring Slovakia has grabbed a lot of attention.... more >>

Things to Think About - Until you make your life your own you are walking around in borrowed clothes

Isn’t this a wonderful image?  Warren Bennis had such a gift for simplifying important, complex concepts and, in keeping with his metaphor, maybe we should look at ... more >>

Czech petrol prices forecast to continue downward trend

Prices for petrol and diesel are expected to continue to fall in the Czech Republic by as much as 50 halers per litre over the next few weeks, writes Hospodářské ... more >>

Czech Republic becoming a world leader in contactless payment for public transportation

The Czech Republic is undergoing a revolution in the way passengers pay for public transportation services, writes news site Around 2,000 bus and tram ... more >>

Employers must provide water during heat waves

Employers are required to provide workers with water in heat waves, according to the Czech Labor Code and the government's health regulations. Employers who don't ... more >>

Křetínsky’s EPH to buy two gas fired power plants in Great Britain

Energetický a průmyslový holding, or EPH, is gearing up to buy two gas fired power plants in Great Britain through daughter company EP UK Investments, the Czech News ... more >>

Rekola five years on: Bold pink bikes in the public space capture imagination of cyclists from Prague to Brno

What began as Rekola, the NGO, is now an NGO-slash-successful socially-conscious business. If you need to get quickly from A to B in Prague or a number of other Czech ... more >>

Lots of unfilled jobs at the start of the Summer

Labor Offices in Prague and Central Bohemia are looking for a high number of people this year to fill jobs. Builders and cooks in particular are in demand. In ... more >>

Siemens outlines massive investment plans for Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the target for a massive expansion by one of Germany’s flagship firms, technology and engineering company Siemens. The type of investment is ... more >>

Government pushing for agreement with car makers which would boost sales of electric cars

Following a promo campaign in its Holešovice showroom the biggest Czech e-shop has just launched the sale of electric cars. The company says it firmly believes... more >>

Modern technologies predicted to cost around half of current Czech jobs

Digitilisation and the increased use of robots in industry could lead to the loss of more than half of all the jobs in the Czech Republic, according to former prime ... more >>

Things to Think About - As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration

This quote is a wake-up call.  It’s a call to honest reflection about your life, how you spend your time and, more important, whom you spend it with.  Someone said ... more >>

Financial daily: Czech trade unions plan to sell Prague HQ

Czech trade unions are planning to sell their headquarters in the Czech capital, a building from the 1930s in the Prague-Žižkov neighbourhood, the price of which is ... more >>