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Czech travel service start-up heading for sale

One of the biggest and most successful recent Czech starts up is reported to be heading for a sale with an impressive price tag of at least 10 billion crowns. Some say... more >>

City Council approves EU funds for projects

The City Councilors agreed to support 46 projects with funds from the EU’s Operational Program Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic (OP PPR). Applicants ... more >>

Rusnok foresees gradual interest rate rises

While interest rates can be expected to rise in the Czech Republic in 2018, this will be part of a gradual and long-term process of development, the governor of the ... more >>

Some like it hot: Czech Republic sees rise in number of household saunas

Sauna sellers are experiencing something of a boom in the Czech Republic. In addition to the large number of public saunas, the number of families that are installing ... more >>

2018 budget to be “load test” for newly-elected lower house of parliament

The newly-elected lower house of Parliament has started debating the most important bill of the year – the state budget for 2018. Although the time-frame for its ... more >>

Velvet Divorce was 25 years ago

The split of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia took place Jan. 1, 1993, in what has been called the Velvet Divorce. Next year also marks 100 years ... more >>

Czech wage rises continue apace, low earners seeing larger increases

New figures show Czech wages rising across the board. And it appears that many in traditionally low earning jobs are seeing proportionately bigger wage increases. more >>

Things to Think About - You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

As a young professional, I admired Zig Ziglar’s down-to-earth approach to life and his witty turn-of-phrase that got one’s attention.  Many people want to be great at... more >>

Janek Rubeš was named Personality of the Year 2017

Investigative video journalist Janek Rubeš was named Personality of the Year 2017 in the Křišťálová Lupa Awards for the best Czech internet projects and personalities... more >>

Czech sparkling wine producer with sekt appeal

Bohemia Sekt, the Czech producer of bubbly that should lubricate the festive season, are preparing for the big test. more >>

Prague's 2018 budget is 'conceived as balanced'

The Prague City Council approved a municipal budget for 2018 with total expenditures is Kč 70.3 billion. Current expenditures of Kč 53.6 billion and capital ... more >>

Komerční banka named Bank of the Year

The best bank in 2017 in the Czech Republic was Komerční banka, which also won last year. The best insurance company prize went to Allianz for the third time in a ... more >>

Prague College expands its partnership with Czech National Trust

Prague College is delighted to announce that its partnership with the Czech National Trust (‘CNT’) is moving ahead fast, and already it has established two major ... more >>
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