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Things to Think About - Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking

Timing is everything!  How many times have heard that?  But, the real question is, how many times have you used it to procrastinate? more >>

Landlocked Czechs take to luxury cruises

An increasing number of Czech tourists are spending their holidays on luxury cruise liners, the daily e15 reported on Thursday. The interest in cruises has nearly ... more >>

Butter slides to record price

Prices for butter have been rising and are now at record levels. Butter is 42.6 percent more expensive than it was last year, and on average is Kč 47 for 250 grams. ... more >>

Czech test finds inconsistent levels of product quality in different states

A test of 21 products sold in different European states conducted by scientists in Prague has found that despite all having similar packaging only three had the same ... more >>

Wisconsin's Steve King nominated for ambassador

Wisconsin businessman Steve King will be nominated for US ambassador to the Czech Republic. This confirms rumors that circulated in May. At first, there was ... more >>

Czech tank beer taking Europe by storm

Czech breweries are no longer doing good business just exporting the country’s famous golden brew –they are exporting Czech beer culture and tank pubs are becoming a ... more >>

Things to Think About - It’s not about who’s right. It’s about what’s right

To me, critical thinking is about discovery; the discovery of truth.  This is how leaders build reputations for fairness and a personal brand that encourages open, ... more >>

Czech finance offices clampdown on multinational tax avoidance

A crackdown on the Czech outposts of multinational companies means that they have never paid so much tax to the state as in 2016, the business daily Hospodářské ... more >>

Increased use of Czech air space helps controllers’ results soar

Air traffic above the Czech Republic is getting heavier and heavier, a fact reflected in the results of the company Air Navigation Services, the news website ... more >>

Things to Think About - Power is a sort of tumor that ends by killing the victim’s sympathies

In his recent piece in The Atlantic, Jerry Useem writes about the potential brain damage caused by “power”.  His opening, supported by scientific study, is chilling: ... more >>

More Czechs holidaying abroad

More Czechs are choosing to holiday abroad this year with Croatia, Slovakia and Italy the most popular tourist destinations. The interest is driven by the stronger ... more >>

Czech business calls for electoral traction for high speed rail plans

Czech businessmen have made an early election call for political parties to clearly state their support for the construction of a high speed rail network in the ... more >>

The Prague British School Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

With almost 1,000 children aged 3 – 18 and over 200 staff spread over two sites at the Prague British School it is quite an operation to get everyone together for a ... more >>