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More and more billionaires enter Czech politics - press

Prague - The number of billionaires in Czech politics has been rising, also because they follow the successful example of Andrej Babis, the second richest Czech whose ... more >>

Czech press survey - October 20

Prague - The Czech Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) are clear winners of the elections to the local assemblies and one third of the Senate if the results are assessed as ... more >>

Czech state debt grows ten times since CR´s setup in 1993

Prague - The Czech Republic´s state debt increased ten times to Kc1,680bn from the country´s setup in 1993 to the end of 2013, according to data from the Finance ... more >>

CSSD wins ten, KDU five, ANO four seats in Czech Senate elections

Prague - The Czech Social Democrats (CSSD) have won the Senate elections today, gaining ten of the 27 seats contested, and their coalition partners, the Christian ... more >>

Senate runoff elections end, people decide on its majority

Prague - The runoff elections to one-third of the upper house of Czech parliament, in which 27 new senators have been chosen, ended at 14:00 today when the polling ... more >>

Czech press survey - October 18

Prague - The Czech Senate runoff elections that were held on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning will show the limit of the charisma of ANO leader Andrej Babis, Jiri... more >>

New campaign to promote Czech food products

A new campaign to support Czech-made food products will be launched this month. Funded by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture, the campaign - called České vánoce s ... more >>

Business News 17.10.2014

In Business News this week: Czech farmers expect bumper harvest this year; Škoda seeks to boost sales of Fabia on local market; number of Russian tourists drops by 15 ... more >>

Tax authorities to have more power when checking property origin

Prague - The Czech Finance Ministry has proposed in the new law on proving the origin of property that the powers of tax authorities be increased so as they can ... more >>

Czech military running out of ammunition - press

Prague - The Czech military will have to start making considerable purchases because its ammunition may only be sufficient for a few days of fighting, although it has ... more >>

Czech press survey - October 17

Prague - Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) is not heading for the model of governance of Viktor Orban in Hungary, Jan Machacek writes in a commentary headlined... more >>