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Excessive bureaucracy in CR discourages foreign firms -developers

Prague - Czech industrial developers largely complain about an excessive bureaucracy and a long approval process for development projects, which allegedly discourages ... more >>

Senate approves launch of 3rd, reduced VAT rate as of 2015

Prague - The Czech Senate today approved the introduction of a reduced, 10 percent VAT rate on books, medicines including veterinary medicines and baby food as of next... more >>

IS wants to create oil emirate, not Islamic empire - EU diplomat

Prague - The Islamic State (IS) leaders want Western media to see IS as a terrorist organisation seeking to establish a worldwide Islamic empire, but they in fact aim ... more >>

Let’s wake up Europe before it’s too late!

Europe’s future is at risk. Future competitive edge, economic empowerment, digital innovation across Europe, as well as the career development opportunities, ... more >>

Czech press survey - October 23

Prague - The Czech government, with its policy close to the most primitive populism, is preparing hard times for itself, Martin Zverina writes in daily Lidove noviny ... more >>

Chinese writer Yan Lianke receives Franz Kafka Prize in Prague

Prague - Chinese writer Yan Lianke received the annual Franz Kafka Prize destined for the authors whose work can appeal to readers irrespective of their origin origin ... more >>

Czech MPs pave way for FATCA deal with US

The lower house of Parliament has approved legislation that allows the exchange of information about banking accounts with other countries. The bill is a prerequisite ... more >>

Wild boars cause millions of crowns in damage in agriculture sector

Uprooted earth, ruined fields, leftover bits of corn, beetroot and wheat gobbled up: each year, wild boars in the Czech Republic cause extensive damage. Legally, game ... more >>

Renovation of all buildings in CR would cost Kc1,500bn - alliance

Prague - To renovate all building in the Czech Republic so that they comply with recommended medium energy standards it would be necessary to invest Kc1,500bn, ... more >>

Prague rescuers train rapid reaction to poison attack in metro

Prague - Hundreds of rescuers, firefighters, soldiers and police officers trained a joint reaction to a fictitious terrorist poison attack that "killed" ten people and... more >>

Czech press survey - October 22

Prague - Czech Defence Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky (ANO) should decide whether he wants to be a minister or an actor, but he obviously cannot do both, Martin ... more >>