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Finance News - Weekly Bulletin 20th of August 2012

Western stock markets marched on in defiant mood. The Euro dared to trade at some of its highest levels in 6 weeks as the market expects some kind of stimulus program in the form of a debt purchase program. The words of Angela Merkel soothed market tensions as she proclaimed leaders were ... more >>

Finance News - Weekly Bulletin 13th of August 2012

It was another week of broad market gains. It’s now the fifth consecutive week of upside as US markets in particular, headed back to their highest levels for the year. more >>

Finance News - Weekly Bulletin 6th of August 2012

Despite the apparent doom and gloom of last week, major markets powered to a strong weekly finish.bIronically, it was a week where much of the usual market pleasers were missing. The US Federal Reserve stayed on the sidelines and refused to implement another round of its quantitative easing ... more >>

Finance News - Weekly Bulletin Market Roundup 30th of July 2012

Here we go again. Greece, insolvency, exit. Last Sunday night’s news (as briefly commented in last week’s newsletter) set the tone for the week. The IMF stated that it threatened to halt aid payments to Greece, following the stunted progress Athens had made on tackling its cancerous debt ... more >>

Offshore Trusts (Making sure you can have trust in your financial arrangements)

It is fair to say that there is a certain amount of  “mystery” about trusts and the feeling that they are only for the super rich. Frequently, tax specialists refer to trusts as “fiduciary structures” which makes them sound quite complicated. This is not the case at all, in the main the ... more >>

Finance News - Weekly Bulletin Market Roundup 23rd of July 2012

Global stock markets were generally up for the week with Asia and the US posting the strongest gains. Europe did its best, but retracted on a reality check from its long running debt crisis. more >>

Life Assurance at the click of a button

Square Mile Financial Services now has a simple insurance plan that provides protection for expatriates and their families in the majority of Europe . This plan ... more >>

Finance News - Weekly Bulletin Market Roundup 16th of July 2012

It was fast becoming a very dreary week for stocks. After 2 weeks of net positive movement, 4 consecutive days of losses condemned markets to their worst week since May. Of course this time around, there was neither a Greek non election, imminent Spanish banking collapse nor the usual ... more >>

Making sure your hard earned wealth goes to where you want it (2).

In a recent article, I discussed how UK non-domiciled individuals can gift money for the benefit of younger family members but still retain control and access to the gift. This week, I want to look at an option to gift for those who may still be UK domicile, even if non-UK resident. more >>

Making sure your hard earned wealth goes where you want it to.

Gifting to future generations has always been a consideration for parents/grandparents that want to ensure that such things as university fees are covered or money is available to help with the purchase of a home or an apartment. more >>

Finance News - Weekly Bulletin Market Roundup 9th of July 2012

Overall it’s been a positive week for equity markets - just. General positivity from European action the previous week helped buoy the major indices and shock/horror allowed some risk appetite to come back into play. more >>

Finance News - Weekly Bulletin Market Roundup 2nd of July 2012

**We wish to point out that Mithril Asset Management, Mauritius has no affiliation whatsoever with Mithril Capital Management** As Q2 comes to a close, we bid good riddance to another see saw period. Overall for 2012, matters are little changed from a stock market point of view. The US has been ... more >>

Pension Death Benefit Dilemma

Many British expats have pensions in the UK. Either an old company pension or a “paid up”(no longer taking contributions) personal pension. more >>

Succession Planning

You like me, may have been abroad for some years now and are now paying tax to your new host country. more >>

What Is Qrops ?

If you are an expat or indeed any foreign person who has previously contributed to a UK pension scheme then an opportunity exists for you to mange how this money grows. more >>

Have I lost my pension ?

In the UK, as elsewhere, few people stay with the same employer for life. On the way from employer to employer, pension schemes are entered and pension schemes are left behind. more >>

What is an IFA?

IFA is short for ‘independent Financial Advisor’ They are a professional who offers independent advice on financial matters to their clients. more >>

SCF news June 2011

SCF were recently privileged to be invited to an investment seminar held by Platinum at Claridges in London. The seminar was attended by some of the leading hedge fund managers and a special guest speaker who had held senior positions with the IMF and the ECB and who was also a professor at ... more >>

May 2011

SCF have recently joined FEIFA and were proud to attend the inaugural FEIFA spring conference. The conference has enabled SCF to team up with companies like JP Morgan + HSBC to offer our clients access at discounted rates to these market leading funds. SCF are happy to discuss how these funds may... more >>

Expats release cash now from your UK pension with QROPS

A QROPS is a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme that has met the criteria set by HM Inland Revenue (HMRC) and is recognised by HMRC. Any QROPS can accept transfers from a UK registered pension scheme. more >>
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