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Red Hat Czech to increase staff number by 20%

Red Hat Czech will continue hiring employees in 2016 as well, especially for software development and testing. It expects their number to increase by roughly 20 pct, which is the same as in previous years. In 2015, the number of employees grew 18 pct to more than 900. For CIANEWS, this ... more >>

CNB: Banks expect increased demand for corporate loans

In the first quarter of 2016, banks are expecting a further loosening of credit standards and an increased demand for corporate and consumer loans. They are predicting no change for housing loans. In the fourth quarter of 2015, competitive pressure and improved perception of risks regarding the... more >>

AERO to create 250 new jobs

AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE plans to generate about 250 new jobs in 2016. The company hired nearly 180 new employees in 2015, CIANEWS was told by spokeswoman Tereza Vrublová. According to her words, the company lacks technology experts, engineers, or quality experts. The company needs also air ... more >>

EnvironMin plans to open calls worth CZK 20bn

RegioJet transported totally 3.68 million persons in national transport in Slovakia in 2015. The company transported totally 6.7 million passengers over railroad and 468,000 by bus in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. RegioJet predicts that the no. of passengers using its train routes will ... more >>

Raiffeisenbank: Volume of mortgages grows by 20%

Raiffeisenbank extended over 8,300 mortgages to individual clients in 2015. This represents a growth by 14% y/y. The volume of such loans increased by 20% to CZK 16.7bn. The average amount of a mortgage exceeded the threshold of CZK 2m. A total of 32% of clients concluded a mortgage with a ... more >>

ŠKODA AUTO´s sales up to 1 055 500 cars in 2015

Carmaker ŠKODA AUTO sold a record total of 1 055 500 vehicles in 2015, up 1.8% y/y. In December alone, the company raised its sales by 5.7% to 86,600 cars. Board of directors chairman Bernhard Maier has stated that the firm is readying the next phase of the model offensive, within which it will... more >>

ZUNO BANK´s loans up 40%

ZUNO BANK raised the value of loans by almost 40% y/y and increased the share of refinanced loans in 2015, thus meeting its financial targets. ZUNO BANK´s PR manager Vladimír Michna has told CIANEWS that the bank has also launched new applications and functions in mobile banking, incl. credit ... more >>

PwC: Firms worth over EUR 6.8bn sold in CR in 2015

Acquisition transactions totalling at least EUR 6.8bn took place on the Czech market in 2015, auditor PwC CR has informed. The biggest transaction was the floating of telecommunications infrastructure company CETIN from O2 Czech Republic (EUR 1.69bn). It was followed by the sale of 24% stake in... more >>

Svijany wants to build brewery in Georgia for EUR 15m

Czech brewery Pivovar Svijany is considering building its own brewery in Tbilisi, Georgia, at the cost of EUR 15m. The information was confirmed to CIANEWS by the spokesperson for Pivovar Svijany, Petra Winklerová. The brewery sold 623,800 hl of beer in 2015. Most of the beer is sold in the ... more >> The most active investor is German

In the 18 months that the current government has been in power, 196 investment projects worth almost CZK 108bn have been brought to the Czech Republic. This is written in an analysis by portal, which added that these projects should generate more than 23,000 new jobs. Industry ... more >>

73,927 ŠKODA cars registered in ČR

There were totally 73,927 new ŠKODA passenger cars registered in the Czech Republic in 2015, up 27.3% y/y. Totally 5,763 customers bought a new ŠKODA car in December 2015 (up from 4,652 in December 2014). This stems from the data from ŠKODA AUTO. July was the most successful month with 7,142 ... more >>

J. Mládek predicts GDP growth rate will drop to 3.5%

Czech economy could grow 3.5% y/y in 2016, Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek (CSSD) predicts. Mr. Mládek estimates that the growth rate in 2015 will total 4.5%, thanks to strong industry, foreign trade, drawing from EU funds and access to investments. The predicted slowing of the growth... more >>

Raiffeisenbank has CNB’s consent with acquisition of Citibank’s retail unit

Raiffeisenbank has obtained Czech National Bank’s (CNB) consent with the acquisition of Citibank’s unit providing services to natural persons in the Czech Republic. Raiffeisenbank has stated that the transaction was previously approved by the Antimonopoly Office (ÚOHS). Citibank’s retail ... more >>

FS CR: Government’s VAT income up to CZK 304.8bn

Czech Republic’s VAT income in 2015 totalled CZK 304.86bn as of December 15, 2015. VAT collection as of the same date in 2014 amounted to CZK 297.67bn. Corporate income tax collection grew to CZK 142.46bn from CZK 128.49bn. Payments from lotteries increased to CZK 1.93bn from CZK 1.69bn. This ... more >>

CEZ plans to invest into wind power plants in Germany

Czech utility CEZ plans to invest up to several hundreds of millions of euros into wind farms in the next five years within its cooperation with German Aquila Capital group. Aquila Capital will seek possible investment opportunities for ÈEZ. The head of CEZ’s Development and International ... more >>

CNB: Corporate indebtednesses fell to CZK 1,127.2bn

The total volume of loans provided to companies in the Czech Republic fell m/m in November to CZK 1,127.2bn from CZK 1,127.4bn. At the end of November 2014 corporate indebtedness in the Czech Republic totaled CZK 1,032.8bn. This stems from the Czech National Bank’s (CNB) National Monetary ... more >>

MPO: Nothing prevents PoZE price decision issue

The Energy Regulatory Office (ERÚ) is not prevented by anything from issuing a price decision for the payment of subsidies for supported sources (PoZE). This statement was made by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO) which added that a government decree on subsidising electricity and heat ... more >>

IKEA CR reports 10% increase in interest in household equipment

IKEA Czech Republic reports a more than 10% increase in the interest in IKEA household equipment. The highest increase, 15%, was reported from the segment of bedrooms and bathrooms. This information was provided to CIANEWS by company spokesman Tomáš Kubík who added that customers also bought a ... more >>

Audi’s sales up 40% in 2015

Audi car brand saw its sales grow by 40% in 2015. The main innovations and projects included e.g. the sale of the first plug-in hybrid, Audi A3 e-tron, building of infrastructure by dealers and the expansion of Audi’s sales and servicing network in the Czech Republic through the addition of a ... more >>

ERÚ copes with support for current renewable resources

The Energy Regulatory Office of the Czech Republic (ERÚ) copes with subsidies for supported sources of energy not mentioned in the announcement of the European Commission from June 11, 2014. This stems from the working version of the pricing decision submitted by ERÚ with regard to the fact ... more >>
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