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Prague College introduces new flexible Business Programme for Working Students

Prague College, one of the Czech Republic’s leading English language universities, is delighted to announce the introduction of a new ‘Flexible Business Programme’ for working students starting in its forthcoming new semester. more >>

Emirates celebrating 5 years in the CZ

On paper, Czechs fit the Emirates airline's “globalista” profile – travelers who want to explore the world with the ease of modernity, convenience and simplicity. Prague is a popular tourist destination, and there is a significant international population in the Czech Republic with family roots... more >>

2 years - interview with CEO Pavel Suchanek

I guess it was destiny,” says Pavel Suchanek of his popular restaurant reservation and review service Restu. “No matter what you do, you’re always spinning around certain areas of interest.” more >> interview with Christo Georg - founder and director of myPOS spoke to Christo Georg, the founder and director of myPOS, a new card payment system that has recently entered the Czech market. We spoke with him about his service and his plans for the Czech Republic. more >>

Warning About Social Media Exposure

It requires that you manage your social media presence no different than high profile individuals. The old adage of all PR (good or bad) is good PR is fine, if you wish to be known or notorious in the public / private world – but not if you want to be taken seriously in the business and ... more >>

It's moving time - Interview with Ewen Extier, AGS Worldwide Movers

With only four weeks to go until the end of school and the beginning of summer holidays, it's the time of the year that brings a high volume of moves both into and out of the Czech Republic. While his friends may be planning their summer holidays at the sea, Ewen Extier, the General Manager ... more >>

Don’t miss PIAF

May 26th and 27th, these are the dates of the PIAF conference (Prague International Advertising Festival). Every year, this 2-day event is attended by about 30 mostly foreign speakers, it is held in English and it is filled with innovation, current trends and practical workshops for marketing ... more >>

The 10x rule review

While most people operate with only three degrees of action-no action, retreat, or normal action-if you're after big goals, you don't want to settle for the ordinary. To reach the next level, you must understand the coveted 4th degree of action. This 4th degree, also known as the 10 X Rule, is ... more >>

The 10 Biggest Mistakes in Sales

Sales people, sales organizations and sales teams have to change the way they are handling customers today in this very competitive world. The old ways of selling are changing and require all sales people, sales managers and sales organizations to think differently. more >>

OpenBrand introduces revolutionary new plugin for graphic designers

An independent technology company based between Prague and London has revolutionised their brand with a new Plugin. more >>

HC Sparta introduce new logo of the club

HC Sparta Prague has changed its logo! Established in December 1903, the most famous Czech club and bronze medalist in last year´s Tipsport Extraliga will now wear replicas of its first-ever logo. Last season was dedicated to celebrating the club´s 110 anniversary. In the upcoming season, the ... more >>

Is Facebook Worth the Effort for Marketers Anymore?

Many marketers are now staring at their Facebook pages and wondering if it's worth their effort after it was reported by Valleywag that an anonymous source familiar with Facebook's strategy claimed a new algorithm would reduce the reach of organic posts to one to two percent . more >>

3 Keys to Scoring Your Marketing Goals

Tim Addison - Do it better, have more of it and do it faster! If this sounds like a good idea that’s because it is. No matter the context, this will give you a competitive edge and like a Canadian Hockey team, you will consistently destroy the competition. more >>

5 Steps To Turn Your Knowledge into Success

Tim Addison - It’s a digital age. Statistics, metrics, and technology overshadow creativity. All this knowledge is important, but it requires creativity to turn it into success. Creativity deserves more attention at work. It will solve problems and lead to positive change in your daily work and... more >>

The 3 Keys to Effective Marketing

Tim Addison - This simple exercise can be used during startup launch phase, across most aspects of product development, and prior to all marketing and advertising campaigns. more >>

You gotta spend money to make money!

Yesterday I was speaking to a client that had just returned from a long business trip where, he said, he had spent a small fortune on entertaining clients, amongst other things, and the end result was one very nice new piece of business and a handful of potential projects. The total cost, he ... more >>

Building A Brand

In the very early 90s, when I was first in Prague, the few expatriates working here were a very close nit community and as we all spent so much time together outside of work, we felt that we knew each other very well.  Imagine our surprise, therefore, when one of our group suddenly disappeared ... more >>

Keeping It Simple!

One of the reasons why working in an agency can be so interesting is that we get the chance to meet and work with people from all sorts of different industries; my day today, for example, includes meetings with a law firm, a construction company, an ice hockey player and a charity, and so it ... more >>

Where does Sponsorship fit in with your Marketing Campaign?

Partly due to our having been involved in a lot of large scale events over the years, and partly as one of our main specialties is sport communications and marketing, we have often been involved in sponsorship; sometimes working on the side of the sponsor, and sometimes the sponsored party.  ... more >>

EVENT MANAGEMENT – Can anyone really do it?!

Up until a few years ago, we considered ‘event management’ to be a key part of our business, something that we regarded as our ‘bread and butter’.  With the onset of the financial crisis, however, the majority of large scale corporate events became a thing of the past, and we have only been ... more >>
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