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Things to Think About - Are You Biased?

In today’s world, when we’re struggling with trying to understand this thing called globalization, there are many areas in which a personal bias can arise. more >>

Interview with Andrej Kiska, President of Slovak Republic

Helping and serving the society is the best life purpose: Czech & Slovak Leaders Magazine met with Andrej Kiska, President of Slovak Republic at his visit in Prague for the 20th anniversary of the Forum 2000 conference. more >>

Things to Think About - How are authentic leaders created?

I am often asked this question and it usually comes as, “Are authentic leaders—real leaders—born or are they made?” more >>

Can A Czech Millionaire Sell Wind And Snow?

Czech millionaire Ivo Lukacovic and his new venture, Windytv, is taking the market by storm—but without a business plan. more >>

Things to Think About - When does your life as a professional really begin?

I was asked recently to speak to a group of high-potential executives in a global telecommunications company.  Senior management wanted to instill in these young leaders of tomorrow the need to explore, to try new functional areas, new geographies, any number of things that would help them grow,... more >>

Things to Think About - The Truth as an Idea

George Kennan was a mid-20 th century, American diplomat and historian.  He was a member of a group of senior foreign policy greybeards known as “The Wise Men”. more >>

Ambassadors without diplomatic passport - Šárka Strachová

Šárka Strachová is the most successful Czech alpine skier. She has won the World Cup twice, is a 12-time medallist and 65 times she has ranked in TOP 10 in the period of 2002-2015. She has also won the bronze medal at the Winter Olympics Games in Vancouver. In addition, Šárka managed to overcome... more >>

Things to Think About - To Be or Not To Be--Miserable

Carlos Castaneda was an immensely popular author, selling more than 28 million books in 17 languages. His journey was one of man’s search for a deeper meaning in life and he became a very charismatic, if not somewhat controversial philosopher.  In an interview with TIME magazine, the writer ... more >>

Interview with Mons. prof. PhDr. Tomáš Halík, Th.D.

Professor Halík, let me begin with the question about you becoming a candidate for the office of the president of the Czech Republic. I know your previous answers were negative ones, yet, the circumstances have changed. In June, you received Honorary Doctorate from Oxford University. You are the... more >>

Things to Think About - What is Our Purpose in Life?

Thinking about our purpose in life can be truly overwhelming.  Where does one begin--with family? Close friends? What about society?  How about your profession? Then the question can become one of validation, of results—when will you see any?  When should you see any? more >>

Interview with JUDr. Rostislav Dvořák, President of the Union of Czech Production Co-operatives

Did you know that the tradition of production co-operatives in the Czech lands dates back to the middle of 19 th century? That the longest functioning Moravian Central Office Brno has had an uninterrupted production since 1909? That 2012 was proclaimed the International Year of Cooperatives to ... more >>

Things to Think About - A New Perspective on Growth

Let’s face it, growth—meaningful, personal growth—can be uncomfortable.  It’s not easy to change a well-worn behavior, or approach, or attitude.  Emotional growth, too, can be very painful—the loss of a job, a promotion, a failure.  Most of the time, many of us just bear the pain, feeling like ... more >>

Things to Think About - The Price of Not Listening

In my work with leaders, I often spend time with their subordinates, talking to them about the leader. I do this in order to see the leader through the eyes of those who know them best—those who work with them on a daily basis. more >>

Things to Think About - The Difference Between Stress and Passion

I was raised in the farm country, so I guess that’s why complicated explanations don’t sit well with me.  I like things to be simple and direct. In my work with people, the topic of passion comes up frequently—passion in the context of careers and leadership style. more >>

Things to Think About: The Difference Between Smart, Average, and Stupid People

I can’t help but ponder the difference between these three types of people, especially as we enter into such an important election cycle.  And, who better to turn to for guidance in clarifying this very important distinction than Socrates? more >>

Things to Think About: The Three Most Important Things to Know About Success

People, for decades have said that the three most important things to know when buying real estate are: location, location, location. When it comes to the three most important things to know about success, they are:  grit, grit, grit. For those of you who are new to the word grit, I offer the ... more >>

Things to Think About: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Former First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt, was well known for her down-to-earth and inspirational common sense. I have used this quote many times over the years in training young consultants who were learning how to deal with clients and senior executives. more >>

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it

This is a wonderful application of reframing a situation with a positive attitude. What I get from this quote is the importance of focusing not on your circumstances, but how you can use them to your benefit. more >>

Things to Think About: “What is the difference between a politician and a statesman?

The 21 st century is creating some interesting parallels between the worlds of government and business and this point could not be better made than by this quote from the former twice-serving, 19 th century, British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. more >>

Things to Think About: Live your life as an exclamation, not as an explanation

Think about this one for a minute. To me, this is a plea to for us to live our lives with passion and engagement, not with excuses.  We all are fighting tough battles at times.  We all have insecurities that we have to deal with at times. more >>
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