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Women: The Last Frontier?

The subject of women in roles of power has been discussed, debated and written about for at least 2,400 years, dating back to Ancient Greece and Aristophanes.  It’s one of those topics that has a unique ability to lower the level of objective discourse and raise the level of blood pressure for ... more >>

The confusing gestures

Despite the fact everyone understands nonverbal communication a lot of nonverbal gestures can be very confusing within intercultural communication. For instance smile is the universal sign of friendliness and sympathy, but many gestures have different meaning in several cultures or countries. more >>

Baboons, Business Leaders and Contagions

Being a leader is a complex, demanding and paradoxical undertaking.  Having the desire, though, to be a good leader—one who consistently brings out the best in others—that’s even more complex, demanding and paradoxical. more >>

A Ph.D. in Leadership in Less Than 5 Minutes

Have you ever been as busy as you have been lately?  Chances are, if you are like most of us, you just rolled your eyes and thought, “You must be kidding! I am beyond being busy just trying to keep up with the increased load I have to carry!”  So, as a community service, to all the over-worked ... more >>

There are offers you can‘t refuse

An interview with Vratislav Mynář, Chancellor of the office of the Czech President - Of course, I was surprised and also pleased. There are offers you can’t refuse and this is certainly one of them. I also perceive this opportunity as the President’s thanks for the work I did in and outside the ... more >>

Redefining Employment for the 21st Century

Recently, I was invited by the Czech and Slovak chapter of The Young Presidents Organization and Forum 2000 to hear a speech by the well-known and highly regarded international pollster, John Zogby.  Zogby’s company, Zogby International is based in New York and conducts polls and surveys in 70 ... more >>

Policemen deserve the respect and esteem of the public, and must have the necessary support from the law.

I believe it is possible to earn a greater degree of confidence from the public, and we at the police work hard to get there. Our management is consistently looking for ways to do so. The reputation of our police has been spoiled by individuals who act unlawfully. Moreover the media can ... more >>

Personal Myths: Beliefs That Might Be Holding You Back

Beliefs can be described as pretty arbitrary ways to connect a few dots of knowledge and experience. They are not downright irrational, just generalisations that we use as shortcuts: many were useful for guiding our actions, or for understan­ding what was going on around us at some point in the... more >>

Ice Cream, Alchemy and Leadership

I was reminded of one of the key abilities of a successful leader recently as I was walking to my favorite ice cream store in Namesti Miru.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day—perfect weather for enjoying an ice cream cone.  After getting my ice cream, I sat down on a bench in the square.  As I... more >>

CHANGE as a chance for a modern civic-ecological politics

The Czech political system is not badly setup, however it suffered from the fact it was taken over to a certain degree by not quite psychologically mature alpha-males, who compensate their own problems with through political power. That’s one of the reasons why Change has 50% women on  their ... more >>

Beliefs Trump Facts: An Introduction

In the Czech Republic, many people call the time they spend in the gym “ čas na sebe ”. Now I am not suggesting that people cannot have meaningful thoughts on a treadmill – in fact, I like reading difficult texts on a training bike. But for me, time for myself has always been time where I do ... more >>

Something Good About Negative Thinking

There’s nothing like a good economic crisis to liven up a discussion about positive versus negative thinking.  People have a tendency to become a little more introspective when they feel their careers, financial stability, and peace of mind in general, are being threatened. It’s at times like ... more >>

We Can Offer a Functioning State that Works for the Citizens

A functioning state that works for the citizens and is not just a depository of stories for tele-novellas on the evening news programs. We need a functioning government that will serve the needs of the citizens of the Czech Republic. And that’s exactly what we offer.  more >>

The New Management Ideal

The business world is changing- and if we don’t change along with it, we’ll be out of a job.  There is a new ‘management ideal’ developing- it’s ideal because it is what is most likely to bring success to the modern manager. This ideal is the same whether you’re a man or a woman - because ... more >>

Love, Attachment, Caring, Sex and Your Career

In preparation for a course on leadership I will be conducting this autumn, I was reviewing a speech given by Dr. Daniel Goleman.  Goleman is the former New York Times Science Editor and a columnist on brain science.  Many of you will recognize his name as the modern day father of Emotional ... more >>

The first hundred days

An Interview With Tomáš Hudeček, Mayor of Prague -   In an organism as complex as a metropolis, everything is related to everything. There is another thing inherited from the previous political establishment, perhaps even worse, and that's the complete loss of trust – the loss of trust of ... more >>

The Crisis and Your Career: An Opportunity or a Threat? Final installment in the series

Last time I promised to give you a powerful formula.  Here it is: M = [i] x [v].  I’ll explain what it means and how it ties everything together later, but first let’s get some final thoughts from our panel of leaders about ways in which you can differentiate yourself in this and all the other ... more >>

Why Good Girls could be losing out in the workplace now – with or without quotas…

“Equality is a losing proposition”—so said Elisabet Rodriguez Dennehy in a recent talk she gave on women managers’ issues at the Katz School of Business in Prague. Her twist inspired me to look at issues of management from a different angle. Dennehy argues that because we are physiologically ... more >>

The Crisis and Your Career: An Opportunity or a Threat?

I began this series by talking about common sense.  The paradox of common sense is that it must address what are often complex issues with extreme simplicity like this old gem: “If it’s too good to be true, chances are it is.”  To be really good, though, common sense statements should have a ... more >>

Forum 2000 Conference under ‘Societies in Transition’ theme draws over 4,000

The 17 th annual Forum 2000 Conference was remarkable in many ways, with so many public figures – thinkers, activists, diplomats, politicians and dissidents – participating. It was only fitting that His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a great friend of the late Václav Havel , whose legacy was the ... more >>
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