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Ambassadors without diplomatic passport - Jana Adamcová

During her work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jana pointed out the fact that the image of a given country is also achieved by behaviour and therefore she started a “greet your colleague” campaign within the buildings of the ministry. During 2003-2004, when she was working at the ministry, ... more >>

Failing Your Way To The Top (by Pepper de Callier)

“In my opinion, as the leaders of tomorrow, you are not discussing, or being taught about, one of the most important elements in the making of a true leader—personal failure.” I made that comment recently in an address to a global gathering of MBA students here in Prague.  Having spent my career... more >>

The Sneaky Seven of Discouragement and Defeat: Disappointment

You feel disappointed when you seem to have done everything right but still don't get the results you want. You've spent a lot of time and have travelled a long way. Is it time to give up and try something new? Sometimes it is - but not always.  It can feel safe and be comforting (in a limiting... more >>

I’m Not Just an Ecologist, but Also a Liberal

Interview with Martin Bursík - I don’t envision the result of the elections very optimistically. Perhaps we will be able to offer liberally-oriented and ecologically-sensitive people hope and an option to identify themselves with us. more >>

The Death of Stereotypes (By Pepper de Callier)

I have written a lot about women leaders over the years.  I have had first-hand experience with women as leaders since childhood—my mother was an executive, so was my wife and, for more than twenty-five years, I have been an advisor to women executives in Asia, America, and Europe.  My support ... more >>

The Sneaky Seven of Discouragement and Defeat: Impatience

Impatience is a lot like frustration (where you already know what to do but aren’t get­ting the results yet) but has a sharper edge: Not only are you frustrated that things aren't working, you are perhaps a little angry that they aren't working. You may think of your boss who will surely expect... more >>

Interview with Paul Ingarfield – Principal of Park Lane International School

Park Lane International School opened its secondary campus this September in Malá Strana, Prague 1 with its primary school in Střešovice, Prague 6, and pre-school in Prague 5, having been open longer. The creation of a new secondary school meant a new principal and teachers had to be recruited ... more >>

7 Tips for Hiring World-Class Talent

At the heart of every successful enterprise lies one clear driver.  It’s not a clever idea, a product, a patent, the perfect location or access to capital—the first four are pretty common and, if they’re good, they lead automatically to the fifth—even in today’s economic climate.  What is ... more >>

I Am the Master of My Fate

Have you ever witnessed the metamorphosis of a Monarch butterfly from its chrysalis? Before emerging from its cocoon, the young butterfly has a fat body with folded, limp wings. It is hardly an image of strength and beauty. In order to free itself from the chrysalis, it has to embark on a long ... more >>

My Experience, My Inspiration - Interview with Jiri Pavlicek

Under the management of Jiri Pavlicek, this company of four employees became a successful and thriving business and is now the leader on the market of Corporate Grant Consulting. Mr. Pavlicek is, nevertheless, not resting on his laurels and with his new projects he is constantly trying to fill ... more >>

The Sneaky Seven of Discouragement and Defeat: Confusion

In a real crisis, you have to rely on what you already know how to do – and may benefit most from working with a good coach to get you out of confusion so you can access your resources again. When you are no longer in confusion, it doesn't mean you know everything, it means you know what you ... more >>

Women: The Last Frontier?

The subject of women in roles of power has been discussed, debated and written about for at least 2,400 years, dating back to Ancient Greece and Aristophanes.  It’s one of those topics that has a unique ability to lower the level of objective discourse and raise the level of blood pressure for ... more >>

The confusing gestures

Despite the fact everyone understands nonverbal communication a lot of nonverbal gestures can be very confusing within intercultural communication. For instance smile is the universal sign of friendliness and sympathy, but many gestures have different meaning in several cultures or countries. more >>

Baboons, Business Leaders and Contagions

Being a leader is a complex, demanding and paradoxical undertaking.  Having the desire, though, to be a good leader—one who consistently brings out the best in others—that’s even more complex, demanding and paradoxical. more >>

A Ph.D. in Leadership in Less Than 5 Minutes

Have you ever been as busy as you have been lately?  Chances are, if you are like most of us, you just rolled your eyes and thought, “You must be kidding! I am beyond being busy just trying to keep up with the increased load I have to carry!”  So, as a community service, to all the over-worked ... more >>

There are offers you can‘t refuse

An interview with Vratislav Mynář, Chancellor of the office of the Czech President - Of course, I was surprised and also pleased. There are offers you can’t refuse and this is certainly one of them. I also perceive this opportunity as the President’s thanks for the work I did in and outside the ... more >>

Redefining Employment for the 21st Century

Recently, I was invited by the Czech and Slovak chapter of The Young Presidents Organization and Forum 2000 to hear a speech by the well-known and highly regarded international pollster, John Zogby.  Zogby’s company, Zogby International is based in New York and conducts polls and surveys in 70 ... more >>

Policemen deserve the respect and esteem of the public, and must have the necessary support from the law.

I believe it is possible to earn a greater degree of confidence from the public, and we at the police work hard to get there. Our management is consistently looking for ways to do so. The reputation of our police has been spoiled by individuals who act unlawfully. Moreover the media can ... more >>

Personal Myths: Beliefs That Might Be Holding You Back

Beliefs can be described as pretty arbitrary ways to connect a few dots of knowledge and experience. They are not downright irrational, just generalisations that we use as shortcuts: many were useful for guiding our actions, or for understan­ding what was going on around us at some point in the... more >>

Ice Cream, Alchemy and Leadership

I was reminded of one of the key abilities of a successful leader recently as I was walking to my favorite ice cream store in Namesti Miru.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day—perfect weather for enjoying an ice cream cone.  After getting my ice cream, I sat down on a bench in the square.  As I... more >>
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