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Love Trumps Hate Rally taking place in Prague

A sister event to the Women’s March on Washington, the Love Trumps Hate rally will take place Jan. 21 from noon to 2 pm in Prague's Wenceslas Square near the statue of St Wenceslas. The rally happens on the first day of the new term of US President-elect Donald Trump, a Republican who won the ... more >>

Czech companies start getting to grips with Industry 4.0 revolution

Revolutions promise change, the only problem being that the promised changes don’t always go to plan and rapid transformation often throws up its own batch of winners and losers. It’s not surprising then that the so-called fourth industrial revolution – which basically amounts to the introduction... more >>

Czech dairy farmers seek to take greater control over their fates

Czech dairy farmers have little reason to be cheerful. Latest European Union figures show they are being paid the lowest prices for their raw product across the 28 EU member countries. The average Czech price to producers in December came to euros 26.40/100 kg compared with the EU average of euro... more >>

Fast track programme for Ukraine workers creates strain between Czech unions and bosses

In times of boom and for selected fields of employment the Czech Republic has frequently looked East to supplement its labour force. A decade or two ago, the target was Slovak nurses and doctors. Now, there’s a system in place offering a supposedly fast track recruitment system for ... more >>

Czech arms industry exports up for fourth straight year

Although the official numbers will only be released by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in several months’ time, all indications are that 2016 was a very good year for the Czech arms industry. The financial daily E15 reported that exports will now have gone up for four years straight, in part ... more >>

Big budget surplus turns into big headache

General satisfaction with the outcome of the 2016 budget, which ended with a surplus of 61.8 billion crowns, was short lived. Coalition parties are now embroiled in a heated argument on how the money should be used, with no compromise solution in sight. more >>

Czech firms showcase their innovations in Las Vegas

The world’s biggest showcase for consumer technology firms, tech heads, and those wanting to get a glimpse of the latest innovations, has just closed its doors. Some Czech companies have been coming to the Las Vegas-based Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for a while now but this time round it has ... more >>

New hourly cut price hotel service to be launched

A successful French start-up called Dayuse, which sells hotel rooms with cut-price rates by the hour, is set to be launched in the Czech Republic in January, the daily Hospodářské noviny wrote on Friday. more >>

Prague gambling rooms set to vanish

Some 69 gambling rooms were closed in Prague by the end of 2016. In total the Finance Ministry began 184 administrative proceedings before the end of the year. A law in effect since Jan. 1, 2016, has limited gambling machines to casinos. This laws was joined Jan. 1, 2017, by a separate gambling ... more >>

Exchange of Kč 50 notes ends soon

If you have been holding onto the pink-and-black Kč 50 banknote, you just have until the end of March to exchange them at seven branches of the Czech National Bank (ČNB). The notes have been invalid since April 1, 2011 and can no longer be exchanged at regular banks. more >>

Public contributes 15 million towards new pipe organ for St. Vitus Cathedral

Just as the nation contributed to the reconstruction of the National Theatre in Prague after it was ravaged by fire in 1881, Czechs are being given the opportunity to contribute to a significant part of St. Vitus Cathedral – a symbol of Czech statehood, the church where Czech kings were crowned ... more >>

Concerns have been raised over internet freedom

Fake news has come under attack worldwide, with the Czech Republic setting up an office under the Ministry of Interior to combat misinformation spread by websites. At the same time, a new law on gambling backed by the Finance Ministry came into effect requiring internet service providers to ... more >>

State scrambles to deal with bird flu outbreaks

The Czech Republic is the latest country in Europe to report the outbreak of bird flu. On Wednesday, Minister of Agriculture Marian Jurečka confirmed that the highly contagious Avian Influenza was discovered in birds at two poultry farms in South Moravia. Following tests on a dead specimen, ... more >>

State budget sees first surplus in over two decades

2016 was a very good year when it came to the state budget, which ended with a surplus of 61.8 billion crowns. The result is the best since the foundation of the Czech Republic in 1993. The last time revenues exceeded expenditures was in 1995 and the result is a feather in the cap for ... more >>

All eyes on low crown exit scenario for 2017

The coming 12 months look fairly positive for the Czech economy with growth still expected to be strong and some room seen for unemployment to slide even further. But the big headline event for 2017 is likely to be the exit from the low crown regime that’s been in place for just over three ... more >>

Retail mall development resumes in Czech Republic

Seven new or reconstructed shopping malls are set to open in the Czech Republic this year, which is twice as many as in the past two years, according to a report by real estate consultants Cushman & Wakefield. more >>

New arrival on Czech banking scene as Creditas makes debut

Last year saw some shake out on the Czech banking scene with one of the upstart new banks aiming to take on the top three or four falling out of the race. But the start of 2017 has also seen a newcomer on the scene with a financial past and some foundations to boast of. more >>

Figures don’t add up on Prague new flats market

Demand is clearly outpacing supply in the market for new flats in the Czech capital. That and other factors have pushed up prices - by around a fifth since the start of the year - but the buyers don’t appear to be deterred for now. more >>

Sales bubbling up for top Czech sparkling wine producer

With New Year’s Eve approaching fast, the producers of the Czech Republic’s most popular sparkling wine, Bohemia Sekt, are doing well, with a one-quarter increase in turnover in the last four years, the newspaper E15 reported. more >>

Czech art market sees record-breaking year in 2016

The Czech art market saw another record-breaking year in 2016. Although final data for the past year are not yet available, it is clear that the overall turnover at Czech auction houses will exceed one billion crowns. The favorable result was affected by a number of record-breaking sales both at ... more >>
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