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Czechs improve prompt payment reputation

Czechs have historically not had a stellar reputation as prompt payers. But that situation appears to be changing now. more >>

Strong Czech economic growth surprises experts

Czech economic growth was one of the strongest in Europe in the second quarter, confounding the experts who had bet on a weaker performance. But the latest figures are fuelling questions whether the economy is at its limits and could soon start to lose momentum. more >>

Leo Express enters German market

Private Czech train and bus operator Leo Express has entered the German market, taking over the German long-distance operator Locomore, the daily iDnes reported on Wednesday, citing the German magazine Spiegel. Leo Express will operate a line between Berlin and Stuttgart in the southeast of Germany. more >>

Thriving Prague hotels raising prices to previously unseen levels

2017 is turning out to be a good year for Prague’s hoteliers, who have managed to raise their prices to previously unseen levels. Meanwhile, occupancy rates also mean that rooms are producing a markedly higher yield than in the past, according to a report in the business daily E15. more >>

Flixbus announces domestic routes

Competition in bus line between Czech cities is heating up. Flixbus is launching new routes from Prague to Brno, Karlovy Vary and Český Krumlov (via České Budějovice) as of Aug. 17. Flixbus will add routes from Prague to Plzeň and Liberec as of Sept. 3. The ticket prices will in many cases be ... more >>

Harvest yield falls far short of 2016

Based on the second estimate of this year’s harvest, it is expected that the production of basic cereals will reach an amount of 6,709 thousand tonnes and the production of rape seed will be 1,199 thousand tonnes. Compared to the above-average harvest of the previous year, the production of basic... more >>

Poll: Many Czechs use food past its expiry date

A poll conducted by the CVVM agency shows that the majority of Czechs could gain a lot by planning their meals better. Food constitutes about 30 percent of household waste and while many people throw food away because they no longer feel like eating it, others eat food that is past its expiry date. more >>

Almost one-third of Czechs can’t afford week-long package vacation, broadcaster reports

Almost one-third of Czechs can’t afford a week package holiday, either at home or abroad, Czech Radio reported on Wednesday citing the latest Eurostat report. The situation has improved – seven years ago the same was true for every second Czech. more >>

Czech power giant prepares for electric dreams

The electric car revolution is clearly on the horizon although their sales take off in the Czech Republic has been hesitant so far. Even so, one of the major stakeholders in that transformation, electricity producer ČEZ, is pushing ahead with a programme to have the required infrastructure ... more >>

Exceptionals boost ČEZ half year results

A lot of exceptionals and somewhat disappointing fundamentals. That could more or less sum up the half year results announced by the Czech Republic’s biggest electricity producer, ČEZ, released on Thursday. more >>

Czech political parties clash over who should exploit lithium reserves

The Czech Republic has the biggest reserves lithium reserves in Europe with one company at the moment having taking the lead in prospecting those reserves and planning their extraction. But some political parties now appear to be discussing whether the state should be taking the lead ... more >>

Czech shopping splurge confirmed with June figures

Surging domestic demand was one of the key reasons with which Czech National Bank governor Jiří Rusnok justified Thursday’s 20 basis point hike in the key interest rate to 0.25 percent. more >>

Czechs get interest rate hikes in early to brake booming economy

The Czech central bank has taken a first step in raising interest rates with the big question now how fast the follow up hikes will follow. more >>

Future of Czech engineering jewel, VPE, unclear

Certain parts of the Czech engineering sector are not experiencing the feel good effect blowing across most of the Czech economic landscape. more >>

Czech state surplus some way down on figure for this time last year

The Czech Republic’s state budget surplus had risen to CZK 25 billion at the end of July, up from CZK 4.6 billion at the end of the previous month, according to data released on Tuesday by the Ministry of Finance. But the surplus is some way below the CZK 75.6 billion recorded at the end of ... more >>

Czech Bitcoin community pays close attention to cryptocurrency developments

Prague is undoubtedly a hub for the use of the alternative cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But Bitcoin is now very much at a crossroads as some of its technological flaws start to catch up. A sort of civil war has developed around its future development with, as the cliché goes, only likely to tell who ... more >>

Broadcaster: More and more Czechs choosing autumn vacations over peak summer period

For many Europeans, summer vacations are no longer limited to the summer, and more and more consumers, including Czechs, are taking holidays in the off-season. Czech Radio cited local travel agencies who say that interest in vacationing in the autumn has gone up in record numbers. more >>

Czech central bank tipped to increase interest rates

According to many analysts and economists, the Czech central bank is now on the verge of raising interest rates, a move that has not been seen for almost a decade. We look at the likelihood of such a move this week and in the weeks to come. more >>

Czech companies raise alarm as they start to focus on the wood from the trees

Czech firms have started ringing alarm bells at the lack of locally grown timber that can meet the toughest ecological growth standards. The alarm has been prompted by moves by some of the world’s biggest timber users, such as furniture designer, maker, and seller Ikea to set a target by ... more >>

Czech auto production sets new records as boom continues

Newly released Czech automobile production figures for the first half of 2017 point to a continued boom in an industry that has been driving the economy in recent years. After record output in 2016, the first six months of this year saw domestic auto manufacturing grow by a further 5.1 percent. more >>
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