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Government budget for 2017 draws fire from both sides of opposition

After a seven hour debate and many motions for changes, the government coalition rallied its troops and won sufficient support to push through its planned 2017 budget which foresees a slight reduction in the planned state deficit. more >>

2016 set to be record year for supermarket chains on Czech market

2016 is set to be a bumper year for the Czech Republic’s supermarket chains, which took in over CZK 200 billion in the first three quarters according to the national statistics authority. Meanwhile, a number are investing billions in buildings and new technology, reported on Thursday. more >>

Did you join the CDK Global Bored? Bus for a Career with More Colour?

If you saw a red double decker bus making its way around the streets of Prague last week and wanted to know what it was all about… look no further because we’ve got the answers. more >>

Percentage of food products sold as Czech could fall significantly under new rules

From the start of next month stricter new rules governing which foods can be sold as “Czech” come into force. The country’s supermarket chains are already calculating what percentage of the items on their shelves will be listed as locally produced – and their number could fall significantly, ... more >>

Small Czech border town set for Lithium mining boom

Lithium is very much the metal of the moment as one of the raw materials used for making batteries for electric cars and many other applications for renewable energy. And its high demand and soaring prices look like they could help make the Czech Republic one of the main producers of the ... more >>

International survey suggests Czech employees have high work satisfaction

The Czech Republic has some of the happiest employees in the world, according to a survey released by the Swedish firm Universum. The country ranks 10th on the chart of work satisfaction in 57 states the world over. more >>

Czech energy regulator and NET4GAS on collision course over new prices

Regulators and their subject companies are not supposed to be on the best of terms. But the latest price moves by the Czech energy regulator, ERÚ, have clearly angered the country’s main gas pipeline company with a long drawn out legal battle now looming. more >>

Czech energy regulator and NET4GAS on collision course over new prices

Regulators and their subject companies are not supposed to be on the best of terms. But the latest price moves by the Czech energy regulator, ERÚ, have clearly angered the country’s main gas pipeline company with a long drawn out legal battle now looming. more >>

Some like it hot: erotic internet sales boom

The sale of sex toys is one of the fastest growing internet businesses in the Czech Republic, the daily reported on Friday. Over the past year, sellers have posted an increase of business by over a fifth. more >>

Pilot project aims to make companies come clean over public contracts

The Czech Republic has been selected for a corruption fighting pilot project which could have a major impact if it eventually expands to cover the massive public sector tenders market. more >>

Czech Airlines plots course for four new destinations in summer timetable

The national carrier Czech Airlines plans to launch flights to four new destinations in the upcoming summer season. The Czech carrier will launch services to Keflavik in Iceland, Lisbon, Verona and Aarhus. The company made the announcement at a press conference this week. According to Jan Tóth, ... more >>

Finance minister’s flagship measure against Czech tax dodgers takes effect

Some probably thought it would never happen but their doubts have been confounded in a textbook example proving that where there’s a political will there is a way. And on Thursday electronic cash registers, the flagship measure to combat tax dodging of ANO leader and finance minister Andrej ... more >>

Czech prime minister intervenes in dispute over wages at Ahold

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has raised eyebrows by entering into a dispute over wages between trade unions and the Dutch retailer Ahold which owns the Albert supermarket chain in the Czech Republic. The prime minister took the unusual step of discussing the issue with the Dutch ambassador ... more >>

Government analysis seeks to pinpoint strategy for future economic growth

A strategic analysis of the Czech economy has unveiled a serious flaw: some of the biggest and most profitable sectors of the economy are in foreign hands and have an increasing trend of shipping their profits out of the country rather than re-investing them. And while the foreign investment ... more >>

Government moves to ease conditions for foreign workers

The government has moved to ease conditions for foreigners working in the Czech Republic. An amendment to the foreigners’ law approved by the cabinet on Monday should enable foreign nationals to work in the country for a longer period before needing to extend their visas. more >>

Last-minute tweaks put Babiš’s flagship project back in spotlight

Just days before the full launch of a new system linking cash registers in the Czech Republic to a central database, the scheme is back in the headlines. Its architect, the minister of finance, is proposing last-minute changes that he says will benefit small businesspeople. However, his opponents... more >>

Business News 25.11.2016

In Business News this week: OKD to close Paskov by end-March; Hundreds of small pubs closing down ahead of EET; Grandi Stazioni to get compensation for lost investments; Czechs spend hundreds of millions more on books; Czech internet retailer makes first drone delivery. more >>

More and more Czech consumers drawn to Black Friday sales

Czech consumer interest in Black Friday has continued to go up, this year including several large chain stores taking part. On Friday e-shops in the country are dropping prices on some items by as much as 80 percent and sale prices should continue throughout the weekend, followed by Cyber Monday. more >>

Prague city council envisages new tunnel project

After completing the controversial Blanka tunnel complex more than a year ago, Prague Town Hall is now considering digging deep into its pockets and constructing another massive tunnel, the daily Hospodářské noviny reported on Thursday. City councillors are hoping that the new project would ... more >>

Czech renewables power support for 2017 cleared by European Commission

The long wait appears to have ended with the European Commission finally giving the clearance for Czech renewables power support. more >>
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