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Business partners didn’t understand potential of opening a “hip” board games café, says founder of Bohemia Boards & Brews

Bohemia Boards & Brews, is a café/pub/bar that boasts a library of some 500 board games, is one of a kind in the Czech capital, a trendy, well-designed venue for both gamers and non-gamers alike. more >>

Czech publisher Albatros flies high with Vyšehrad deal

Consolidation on the Czech publishing scene is proceeding apace following the announcement that one of the country’s biggest publishers is taking over one of the oldest companies still on the market. more >>

Forty billion crown price tag put on Prague D metro line

Construction works on a section of the planned new “D” line of the Prague Metro system, leading from Pankrác to Depo Písnice, should cost 39.7 billion crowns, suggests a document discussed by Prague city’s municipal Transport Committee this week. more >>

Czechs’ financial literacy far from stellar, says survey

Czechs’ financial literacy improved since last year by only the very slightest of margins an annual survey commissioned by the Czech Banking Association has shown. According to the survey, they picked up 56 points out of a possible 100. The news isn’t all bad though: the number of Czechs setting ... more >>

Czech whole and natural food retailer seeks more than organic growth

The market for health foods, organic, and direct from farm produce took some time to develop in the Czech Republic and there have clearly been some growing pains. Three of the biggest players merged in 2016 to join forces under the Sklizeno brand. more >>

Czech unions push for shorter working week

Czech trade unions want to push through a shorter, 37.5-hour working week, and cut the present working hours by half an hour a day without lowering salaries, the daily Lidové noviny reported on Monday. more >>

Growing concern over plight of leading Chinese investor in the Czech Republic

It was meant to be one of the biggest Chinese investments in the Czech Republic. Now a deal giving the Chinese energy giant CEFC a 50 percent stake in the financial company J&T Finance Group looks highly uncertain as do CEFC’s other activities in the country. The company is reported to be in ... more >>

Czech engineering giant thrown lifeline by arms group founder

One of the Czech Republic’s biggest engineering groups appears to have been thrown a lifeline by one of the country’s main arms producers and sellers. Under the proposed rescue plan, Vítkovice Heavy Machinery, which employs around 1,000 mostly around Ostrava, will be heading into new hands. more >>

Uber agrees to operating licensed service in Czech Republic

The dispute between the app-based ride sharing service Uber and local taxi drivers may soon be over. Following a meeting with Uber representatives, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš announced that Uber had agreed to operate under conditions that would put it on an equal footing with taxi drivers. more >>

Czech average monthly wages pass 30,000 crown mark for first time

The average wage in the Czech Republic increased by 8.0 percent in the last quarter of 2017 compared to the same period in the previous year, according to the data released by the Czech Statistical Office on Friday. more >>

Thirty-six thousand e-shops: a little or a lot?

e-commerce has come a long way in the Czech Republic over the last decade and by estimates there are now some 36,000 online stores here. Over the years, services have greatly improved, and Czechs have gotten used to spending more and more at e-shops. more >>

Škoda unions dismiss pay rise offer as derisive

Trade unions at the Czech Republic’s biggest exporter Škoda Auto have dismissed a pay rise offer put forward by management. Workers’ groups described the offer of a 4.3 percent increase in their basic salaries as derisive and are holding out for a double-digit raise. more >>

Czech foreign owned companies take second biggest dividend yield in 2017:report

Foreign–based mother companies of some of the Czech Republic’s biggest firms last year claimed the second highest dividend yield from their local assets ever, according to calculations by the business daily E15. more >>

Controversial Russian gas pipeline makes Czech progress

One of the most controversial pieces of energy infrastructure in Europe, a new gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany, appears to be making progress in the Czech Republic. Prague has been in an awkward diplomatic spot over the proposed pipeline which is supported by Germany but vigorously ... more >>

Czech Republic caught up in plastic waste disposal crisis in Europe

China’s ban on plastic waste imports has already impacted most European states and the Czech Republic is no exception. Plastic waste is ending up on waste dumps and an increasing amount of sorted plastic waste is being burnt in incineration plants together with mixed waste. more >>

Czech aerospace sector seeks take off in Canadian cooperation

Canada is a massive player on the world aviation and aerospace markets and a delegation made up of some of that country’s top company representatives are now in the Czech Republic. They are trying to chart ways to boost two way production and research cooperation. more >>

Tesco to sell its Prague My store

The British supermarket chain Tesco is selling its department store My in the centre of Prague, the Czech News Agency reported this week. According to the consulting company NSG Morison, its value is about 171 million crowns (nearly seven million euros). more >>

Warsaw will not get Czech trams

Poland’s capital, Warsaw, will not get Czech trams as once expected. Originally, Škoda Transportation won a lucrative tender worth more than 16 billion crowns for some 213 trams. But it was cancelled last year as the city did not have enough funds to cover the costs. more >>

Government moves to raise old age pensions

The government is delivering on its promise to raise pensions, approving a bill to the pensions’ law which would gradually increase all pensions, but would primarily help people with low pensions and those aged over 85. more >>

Czech Radio: More and more women founding e-shops

More and more Czech women are opening their own e-shops, according to a survey by the company Shoptet, providing a platform for some 13,000 online stores. Citing the findings, every sixth e-shop on average is owned by a businesswoman rather than businessman, Czech Radio reports. For many, opening... more >>
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