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Welcome to our latest quarterly update and roundup of what is happening in your investment world. Since our last newsletter we have seen two devastating and tragic natural disasters plus upheaval in the Middle East & North Africa.

These events often have a massive significance while they are occurring and to those concerned will stay with them forever. It is also fair to say that news media coverage often only adds to the worry at the time but once this is over events are forgotten quickly. In Japan the nuclear issue has recently been put at the same level as Chernobyl but news coverage has slowed and the news has had very little impact on markets.

The recommendations we made in our last newsletter with regard to commodities, water and agriculture in particular continue to do well and we expect this trend to continue. SCF is also now officially a member of the Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers (FEIFA) and was delighted to attend the first spring conference organised by FEIFA in London. FEIFA will only strengthen SCF as they have been set up to provide clients in Europe with comfort that companies that our members conform to certain business standards designed to protect and give comfort to clients.

FEIFA will also help to provide ongoing training and assessment of companies so that the knowledge they give to clients is relevant and up to date. Clients of SCF will already start to benefit from our membership of FEIFA as we are now setting up partnerships with companies such as JP Morgan through FEIFA. Partnerships like this will enable SCF clients to access expertise and funds at discounted prices not available to many investors.

SCF is also continuing to branch out in Europe and our advisers have recently started trips into Russia and Poland to provide advice to clients there. SCF continues to dominate the market for expat mortgages not only in the Czech Republic but also right across Europe. We have also just tied up with one of the largest independent expat mortgage brokers in the UK to offer our clients wanting to buy property in the UK excellent rates.

The last 6 months has also been another busy period for us due to the continuing interest in QROPS - Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes. QROPS continues to be the hot topic for expats who have UK pensions and SCF continues to be one of the leaders in this field. We are now providing advice to expat teachers all around the world through our supporting membership of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) which has seen us sponsoring various events they have held for teachers and headmasters.

One such event is the COBIS Annual Conference in London in May where we will be presenting a seminar on QROPS and how teachers can benefit by accessing their frozen UK pensions. This conference is specifically for head teachers from COBIS’s 98 member schools worldwide, and follows a successful conference held in Prague in February, at which SCF also exhibited and presented a QROPS seminar. Through its successful partnership with COBIS, SCF are about to extend its reach into the academic world still further by joining as supporting members of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS).

During our recent trip to the UK to attend the inaugural FEIFA spring conference the importance of financial planning was brought to our attention by one of the speakers. In a recent survey expats in various countries around the world were asked whether they had planned for their and the families financial future.

  • Over 80% answered that they were happy with their financial plans.
  • They were then asked if this included planning for children’s education to which 50% responded they had.
  • Lastly they were asked if they had a Will to which only 10% responded they had.

The above is enlightening as it highlights that most people do not plan to fail but that the majority still fail to plan.

If you believe you need to review/update or start your financial planning please contact us on the details below. SCF is ideally placed to helping clients plan for their future and our recent membership of FEIFA provides clients with assurances that they are dealing with a company which is qualified to advise them and which they can trust.


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