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Comeflex Offers Tailor-Made Assistance for Your Business in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investors in Central-Eastern Europe. This applies not only to large corporations, but also small businesses. Every entrepreneur who comes to set up his business, however, has to face two main obstacles: the Czech language and the local legislation.


Fortunately, the Czech market is well-prepared to provide all the required services to make the start as smooth as possible. As one of the main Czech providers of start-up assistance, Comeflex was founded in 2001, initially assisting small start-ups with their paperwork. Since then it has continuously expanded its portfolio, responding to the growing demand.

“When an entrepreneur approaches us, he knows what he wants to do. But he doesn't know how. Should he register as a freelancer or found his own company, and which documents will he need,” explains Leo Aubrecht, one of the two heads behind Comeflex. “The best choice depends on many criteria. For example, whether you are from an EU member state or from another country.” Several industries also require special concessions or proven practical experience in a particular field, and in many cases you may also want to protect your investments with the right insurances. “Choosing the best option can be a tricky task, and particularly the language barrier is comparably high in the Czech Republic,” he adds.

For many procedures, experience with the local practice is crucial to prevent hassle and avoidable expenses, says Leo Aubrecht. “It's a weird paradox that setting up a Czech business from scratch can be faster than a transfer. The reason is that transfers are handled by the courts, and the paperwork just takes that little extra bit of time.” Fortunately, key for the ownership transfer is the date when the new executive director has been appointed, even though the change will appear in the commercial registry only some days later.

Comeflex has soon identified the demand particularly among smaller entrepreneurs for configurable services that can be adapted to each customer's individual needs. The provider helps not only to set up, sell a company or transfer ownership but also offers business consultancy and advice on how to fine-tune legal agreements. Once you're set to go, Comeflex can take care of the accountancy, manage your incoming mail and phone calls, and handle regular visits to the necessary offices. It also offers general background checks of prospective business partners or even employees to prevent unpleasant surprises.

One of the special services is the option to register your office at Comeflex. This comes in handy if your production facility is located outside of Prague but you prefer to have your main address in the Czech capital. The virtual office is also popular with small companies where the entire team is working in the field. In these cases, it wouldn't make much sense to rent own office spaces and hire a secretary. But even large corporations can benefit from a stable business address that prevents avoidable hassle and costs when they are forced to move their office to another place.

If a virtual office is just not sufficient to run your business operations, you can rent a room at several prime locations in Prague or in Budweiss (České Budějovice). Comeflex is able to provide any size, from an occasional use of a fully equipped meeting room to an office space for a limited period. Through this flexible provision of spaces and services, clients can considerably reduce their operational costs.

In the future, Comeflex will increasingly focus on foreign investors who lack the language skills and knowledge of the local settings. Many services will be pushed further towards virtualization, such as forwarding incoming mail as digital scans.




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