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Flow East´s anti-graffiti fight moves to the next level

Prague City Hall Heritage Department to enforce penalties on owners and landlords

The fight against Prague’s immense illegal graffiti problems is moving into high gear. Flow East is joining forces with the Prague City Hall Heritage Department. Together they will take the fight against graffiti to the next level.

“The building law is clear: every building owner must maintain their building or property to prevent it from degradation. Graffiti is one of the most visible examples of this degradation. We are going to start monitoring the most graffiti affected areas. Our first step will be to officially warn landlords that if they do not act promptly to remove the graffiti, we are going to penalise them,” explains Jiří Skalický, Head of Prague City Hall Heritage Department.

Beginning in the summer, lawyers from Prague City Hall’s Heritage Department will begin to ask property owners with graffiti-sprayd walls to clean them. If they don’t fulfil the legal obligations, offcials may begin administrative proceedings to impose a fine. It can reach – in case of cultural monuments – up to 2 million Kc, at national monuments to 4 million Kc.

In addition to support from the Prague City Hall Heritage Department, the anti-graffiti campaign is also supported by Prague 1 Mayor Oldřich Lomecký. “I am sure that in the fight against graffiti we could and should do more," says the mayor.

Flow East to assist with experts for Prague City Hall

“We are happy to offer our experts to Prague City Hall to help in the fight against graffiti and make owners responsible for their property. Flow East is the owner of six historical buildings in the centre of Prague and it’s not hard to deter graffiti hooligans. The most important step is to remove the graffiti at once. Responsible property owners like Flow East do this as a matter of routine; any graffiti on one of our buildings is removed before midday. By doing this, the graffitist looks like a fool when he shows off his work to friends, only to find it has disappeared. This also acts as an effective fine to the graffitist as spray paint is expensive. All owners including public bodies must do the same thing.” says Flow East´s CEO James Woolf.

Public research: Do something says Prague citizens

A survey of Prague residents conducted by Ipsos for Flow East in January 2016 showed an overwhelming demand for the municipality and police to take action against graffiti vandals. Over 80 percent said that graffiti is a menace and that more should be done to eradicate it. Flow East’s survey shows that graffiti arouses surprise and disgust among Prague’s millions annual visitors. ‘It’s not just a question of civic pride – though that should be enough on its own,’ says Woolf. ‘We want to help the authorities tackle this scourge on a city-wide basis. Graffiti is everyone’s problem.’

Four-fifths of Prague citizens agree that Prague should do more to combat graffiti.

On April 22, 2016, Flow East conducted a ‘petition’ signing across the capital. More than 1000 people added their signature to a statement asking Prague City Hall to truly do something to stop graffiti.

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