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KONE has to be here

Elevator KONE MonoSpace 500 has the lifting capability of 900 kilograms and a capacity for 20 people. With automatic central doors (model KES 600) the elevator fulfills the highest demands of building operations and was installed in the Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial by KONE.

Luxury elevator at Pytloun Grand Hotel Imperial by KONE - Foto: Michaela Kejdušová

“We got a request to submit an offer of elevator options and we began negotiations with the investor. At the begging we perceived this project to be like any other. When we become more familiar with the details of the project and the investors’ expectations, we became very interested in the architect’s ideas regarding the concept for the interior of the building. Individual rooms were to be designed by famous Czech architects,” recalls Rafael Tyml, the business manager for the Czech Republic.

  • KONE is a leader in elevator design possibilities. Architects and investors are offered a wide range of designs and the appearance of the technology. “In this project, it was particularly important to unify the appearance and atmosphere of the building into a single complex symbiosis as well as perfectly complement the initial idea of the investor regarding the designs of the rooms. For us it was a great challenge and a motivation to get the contract for the project. KONE just had to be part of this project,” says the business manager.
  • One of the main benefits that KONE brought to the project was the combination of gearless and room-less technology. The technical parameters were very important for the investor because the original elevator machine room was canceled and a new lift station was built in its place. The benefit of this solution was not interfering with the architectural character of the building or the area near the new engine room which was basically on top of the roof of the new floor.
  • The interior of the building project required the right materials of the highest standard. The side walls are made of structure-resistant stainless steel and the front wall is polished stainless steel. The real wall has a full-length mirror and the ceiling of the car is brushed stainless steel with stainless steel LED technology. The floor is made out of artificial black stone matches Nordic stainless style of the entire car. The whole design is dominated by a black car controls and on the platforms. Landing doors are also structured with stainless steel which fits nicely into the interior hallways of the building.
  • The elevator has many additional features and components such as stand-by mode, elimination of false selections in the car controls, PIN codes for special lift control and a folding seat design. The elevator is adapted to handicapped persons in accordance with rules and regulations. Other interesting features are automatic accurate leveling of the car of the car at the station and before opening the door when arriving at the selected station – this is especially appreciated by users because it allows them to spend minimal time in the lift car. “We are very pleased that we got this project and were able to present the high quality, flexibility and design of our elevators. We will be very pleased when KONE products will be used in other projects beyond this investor. Such projects underscore exactly where our company is headed and where it belongs,” concludes Rafael Tyml.

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