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Domeq, a new residential housing for modern expats in Brno

CTP and Foreigners Brno inaugurated Domeq, residential housing specially designed for modern expats in Brno. The building has 159 units, with the capacity to accommodate up to 300 people.

“The idea behind Domeq is that it will become a meeting place for students and companies… and the ideal footing for start-up rooms,” Business Developer from CTP, Jiri Kostecka explained in the official statement.

Foto: CTP

Domeq was built by CTP and it is operated by Foreigners.

Domeq was designed especially thinking about international students and modern professionals living in Brno who seek to live in a community and yet, in a stylish and comfortable accommodation.

“Domeq is the combination of privacy and social life. Something quite unique in Brno. We are trying to give to tenants the option to work and study quietly and in peace, while at the same time we want to provide them the means to connect to people,” DomeqOperations Coordinator, Veronika Svobodová explained.

The tenants can start living in Domeq from yesterday. The building provides single and double rooms. The moving-in process is very simple and does not take longer than two days.

According to CTP official statement, Domeq offers 130 rooms with separate double beds, five suites for disabled people, 15 double rooms, and nine single rooms.

Foto: CTP

Domeq was inspired by similar projects from Western Europe, where student accommodations are well-established.

“The idea comes from Barcelona, where there is a similar building. The owner really liked the idea. He normally builds commercial spaces and offices, but he fell in love with the concept, and it’s going to be a success! It’s the only building like that in Brno,” Veronika Svobodová said.

Living in Domeq will be lots of fun. The tenants are more than welcome to bring friends over for parties, to study and work, or simply chill out while having a coffee or playing pool.

“People can invite people for dinner parties and eat in the lobby or come and invite friends just for coffee or have fun with the pool table,” Svobodová added.

Domeq is strategically located a few minutes away from the city center, near to companies and universities.

People should take the chance to live in Domeq. “It’s a very good location to the city center. It’s important and trendy to live in a community and when you are abroad is very important to meet new people,” Andrea Tkačuková from Foreigners said.

Domeq’s concept goes perfectly with Brno, where the expat community keeps increasing year by year.

More information on the official website. (by Joana Dias -, Prag 02.11.2017


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