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Bringing Out the Best You Have to Offer

With too few good jobs on the current market and too many people competing for the good jobs, how do you make yourself stand out from the rest?
 In Prague, Michael Mayher, a 2nd generation Czech/American, has crafted a niche headhunting business helping individuals, both Czech professionals and international clients improve their chances for career success. In his small-group seminars, lectures and regular blog columns, he serves up easy to understand career advice, educational tips and networking tools. His career assistance ranges from helping his clients jump start their careers to get new jobs, pay raises or even just to have better results from regular performance reviews. speaks with Michael about the Czech job market in general as well as his upcoming career workshop Bringing Out the Best You Have to Offer. On September 26-27 at the Anglo American University in Prague, registered participants can hear his secrets for bringing out their personal best. The eight-hour seminar will walk through all aspects of the job search process from applying for a job to closing the deal.

Michael moved to Prague in 2001 from Cary, North Carolina where he'd been a headhunter since 1992. Although he was only supposed to stay abroad for a year or two, after the first year, he knew he wasn't going back. His Czech great-grandfather worked at the Poldi foundry in Kladno. For him it was immigration full-circle.

When we asked about the job market here, Michael says, “There's been an evolution since 2001. It's a bit frustrating for expats, who want to come here and receive big fat compensation packages. But the fact is that the expats did a very good job because now the people in authority are all Czech. The traditional expat opportunities have moved on to other less developed nations.” Michael rates Czech business professionals on par with workers in any other part of the world. “Czechs who strive to be, are very international, well-traveled and ambitious,” he says.

While there are plentiful resources and advocates on the market for HR firms, headhunters and corporations, Michael says, “I don't think there's anybody out there helping individual job seekers – not at a personal level. That's my target.” His close contact with hiring managers and candidates from all levels of experience as well as his knowledge of every step of the job search and interview process, has given him expertise in the market that few others have.

His slogan “Be a more 4midable You” puts the individual job seeker firmly in control of his or her own success. Michael is passionate about his work and his commitment to helping the individual starts, he claims, by going back to the basics.

“If you really want to help people, help them to empower themselves. This will help them rebuild their self-confidence. If you help them rebuild their self-confidence, they regain a measure of their self-respect and dignity. Right now in the economy and in the job market, there are a lot of people who feel pretty beat up.”

Much has changed in the business world during the past fifteen years. For Michael, the difference between then and now boils down to technology. “The internet is the best and the worst thing that's happened to the modern job market and how we find work.”

“Let's take for example the concept of networking. Networking traditionally is when you meet people, shake hands, introduce yourselves. You have a dialogue. There's no substitute for the anxiety of the introduction. There's no substitute for having to formulate a coherent sentence and describing and presenting yourself. The problem is networking in its current form is social online networking, where there is no real relationship much less any mutual trust. Someone ‘likes’ you on LinkedIn – that's not what networking is. Networking is meeting people face-to-face, building relationships – a physical ‘network’ of people helping each other.”

Michael says looking for a job boils down to two key things – modern technology and the age-old concept of the personal interview. While technology has permitted us to expand our horizons and connect internationally, it limits our interaction and the manner in which we look for jobs. Often job searches are restricted to online outlets. Face-to-face interactions are minimal in our modern business world. Meetings and conference calls are conducted via Skype, and Michael says we've lost important negotiation and interpersonal skills. “The social skills that we learned growing up on playgrounds and at school, we're losing.”

While globalization has its benefits, Michael claims that the modern job candidate has lost the “soft skills” for conducting an interview – from how you introduce yourself, to how and when to talk about money, how to close an interview or how to make good use of your references. A resume is only meant to get your foot in the door, he says. Michael specializes in helping job seekers look in the mirror to find their own strengths beyond what's written on their resume. Innovation and being different will make you stand out; a resume cannot do that.

Whether you're an undergraduate student getting ready to launch your career, an MBA student or an experienced professional, if you'd like to conduct your efforts with energy and passion, join Michael Mayher's upcoming seminar. Learning the skills to standout in today's job market is a timeless resource. Whether you use them immediately or in five years, once you've learned to be a more formidable you, you’ll be better able to help yourself throughout your entire career.

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Emily Prucha, - Prague 10.09.2015
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