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Innovation in the conference business comes from diversity

Opportunities in Sales with Prospero Events

You can't be average if you want to be successful in sales. But when the product that you are selling is a business conference, how do you innovate to be successful? 

For the Prospero Events Group based in Prague, Czech Republic, the answer is clear. In order to be successful putting on business conferences, you have to invest in a qualified sales team – employees with good English, excellent communication skills, lots of enthusiasm and the energy or charisma that comes from being self-motivated. 

The Prospero Events Group produces and organizes business conferences for the leading companies in the world. The company provides its clients with ways of exchanging strategic information in an interactive conference setting. By producing innovative and industry-tailored conferences, the company is dedicated to helping its clients achieve business excellence and gain a competitive advantage. As a result of its cutting-edge approach, Prospero Events Group is emerging as one of the most innovative companies on the conference market.

From Europe to Asia, Africa and the Americas, the employees at Prospero Events make a colorful kaleidoscope on a world map. With almost all continents and 15 countries represented in its employee base, one of the keys to the company's success is hiring employees with different backgrounds. 

Beyond hiring a top-notch, diversified sales force, how do you innovate in the conference business? In the phone industry you come up with a new camera or a new display. In the conference industry, you have to find the hottest topic in the industry and know how to present it. 

Imagine a group of people aged 21 to 55, from a heart surgeon to a lawyer, sitting in one room together for a brainstorm. You can imagine what kind of colorful and different ideas you would get from the group by discussing the matter actively. From the beginning, the Prospero Events Group was established as a culturally diverse company to make sure to extract the best ideas from an employee base with a varied experience.

A regular day for a member of the Prospero sales team includes time spent identifying and locating top-level executives and selling the delegate tickets to an upcoming conference. Since the attendees of the events are located around the world, the invitation work is conducted by phone in English from the Prague central office. While placing calls to interested attendees takes up about two hours of a working day, the remainder of the eight hours are spent doing internal brainstorms, analytical work, target segmentation and market analysis. Sales representatives work under the guidance of a team leader. However, each sales executive is encouraged to identify potential clients by him or herself independently. Sourcing and researching the right contacts is challenging work that usually demands going the extra mile. 

Despite being at times demanding, the job of a sales executive at Prospero can be rewarding personally, professionally and financially. If you are ambitious and a hard-worker, you can be successful at Prospero Events Group. By putting your communication skills and talents into practice, you can be earning a good living quickly. Since the company is in a growing stage, there are opportunities to advance to a management position without waiting years for a promotion. 

You also have the opportunity to expand your knowledge base by learning about different industries. In preparing for a conference, you work for three months on one particular topic in a team. When that conference is finished, you then move on to research the next topic and then another. If you have a life-long love of learning, you can become an expert in many fields in a short amount of time. 

Working as a Prospero Events sales executive you will have the power to impact conference topics and make your voice heard. 

To apply for the position of a sales executive at Prospero, you need to be eligible to work full time in the Czech Republic/EU, have good computer skills, a positive attitude, high ambition and the ability to work under pressure. A university degree and sales experience are added benefits which might give you the advantage to get recruited.

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