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New project JEDU VODU fights for clean river and new boating culture

The organisers of the project that is to be known as „Jedu Vodu“ are pleased to announce that the groundwork for the campaign is now in place, and the first phase was launched last Saturday, April 9th, in order to coincide with the formal opening of the Vltava river for the summer season.

The Jedu Vodu project is the brainchild of Martin Pavljuk, Filip Hrdina and Martin Švarc, who came up with the idea to support the summer camps and other holiday facilities along the banks of the Vltava River from Vyšší Brod to Boršov nad Vltavou by launching a campaign to support new boating culture, services and cleaning of the river. This will involve a number of different initiatives through the course of this summer in order to raise funds that will be used towards supporting the First Aid facilities and treatment for the boaters in case of minor injuries, providing more portable toilets in and around the camps, help provide tanks with drinking water where needed, and other initiatives. The plan is for the campaign to be ongoing and to build year on year, with more facilities being added as funds are raised.

One of the main fund-raising activities is the provision of special re-usable plastic cups, donated to the project by the company Nick Nack. These cups will be given to participating summer camps, boat rentals and bars around the river for free, with the idea that they will then lend the cups to boaters for a small fee of 50 Kč, which will be returned to them as they return the cup, or kept by the camp/bar if they keep the cup, and then donated to the project. Since the cups can be washed and re-used, it is hoped that each camper will use the cup for the duration of their boat trip, and keep exchanging the dirty one for a clean one in the different participating camps. The motivation for partner campsites and refreshment shops are various benefits and support from the organizers of the project. The motivation for boaters will be a big boating competition. The Vltava‘s NN cups have a very attractive design and can serve as a nice souvenir from the holiday.

Talking about the new campaign, Martin Pavljuk , one of the authors of the Jedu Vodu project, said: „After the Vltava experienced a very busy season last summer, lots of boaters complained about the river’s condition, the lack of facilities, and the long lines to get refreshments. Because we are passionate boaters ourselves, and we understand that the Vltava area will keep being busy irrespective of the weather over the next few years, we decided that some things need to change in order to keep the river in the best condition possible under such pressure, as well as enjoyable for all the boaters. We believe that most of the camps, boat rentals and everyone else involved, including boaters themselves, will feel the same responsibility as we do and join in our initiative to bring the Vltava back to its original condition.“

As the cups and other promotional materials are able to be branded, Jedu Vodu also offers companies the opportunity to be one of the sponsors of the project. Depending on the amount of sponsorship raised, it is planned for some of the income to be used to supply portable toilettes and drinking water to places where they’re missing, assistants to help boaters with minor injuries around the river, and to support the organization of cultural and other events in the area in the first year alone.

For further information on the project, go to The website will follow shortly.

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