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Edwards wants to provide water for the needy with the Water for All program

A long-term problem is the lack of water in developing areas around the world. This is a challenge that is being approached by several leading industrial companies around the world. The Czech subsidiary of the British company Edwards, in cooperation with its ultimate parent company Atlas Copco, has decided to implement the Water for All program in Central and Eastern Europe. Its aim is to financially support the digging of wells, protection of natural resources and the construction of water treatment plants in the world’s neediest areas.

Although the planet has enough drinking water, almost 800 million people don’t have proper access to it. Millions of women and children need to walk several kilometers a day to provide their families with liquid that isn’t guaranteed to be safe to drink.

Edwards and Atlas Copco hope to use the Water for All program to support areas where water is scarce. “We are not indifferent to millions of people without access to basic life-liquids,” says CEO of Edwards, Pavel Šustek.

Edwards is working with ADRA, a non-profit organization. Employees and other patrons may contribute financial help in an effort to solve what is known to be one of the most pressing problems in the world today: inadequate access to drinking water.

“Our employees can choose the amount of money that they wish to contribute regularly on a monthly basis. This amount will be deducted regularly from their salary,” explains Pavel Šustek. He adds that Atlas Copco will subsequently donate twice the amount of the collected money.

“We are grateful for all contributions that can help us get water to people in Africa, South America and other regions with a potable water problem,” says Filip Capanda, project manager for Water for All. Edwards hopes that more and more companies will participate in the program.

Edwards has become the first company to participate in the program from Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to the Water for All program and the employees of Atlas Copco, 1.5 million people have been provided safe drinking water since 1984.

For more information visit:

Water for All
Edwards Vacuum - Prague, 05.05.2016

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