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DODO can make life simpler

Are you working or conducting business in Prague? DODO offers a way to make your life simpler. 

Living as an expat in Prague can sometimes be quite complicated. Simple things like buying medication at a chemist’s or having a duplicate key made can sometimes be quite an unpleasant experience for foreigners living in Prague.

The inability to understand a salesperson or find the right place to buy things is quite frustrating. The good news is that you’re no longer on your own, thanks to the DODO service.

DODO is a personal assistant who will buy and bring you anything that can be purchased. At any time and anywhere across Prague. All you need to do is write an SMS and send it to 222 111 800 and you can pass your worries on to a reliable partner.


The inspiration for this revolutionary service comes from the United States.

The DODO service is an innovative start-up project, which has successfully operated since December 2015. It was inspired by an American start-up called Magic and focuses on fulfilling requirements for delivery of any (legal) product or arranging any service. In order to keep things as simple as possible you can place your order using Facebook Messenger or by sending a standard SMS to 222 111 800.

The project is part of a portfolio belonging to the KKCG investment group and the service has served thousands of customers since it was established. DODO has a team of professionally trained dispatchers and over 30 couriers in the streets of Prague available at all times.

Who is the DODO service useful for?

It's a 24/7 personal assistant dedicated to people who need to do more things than they have time for.   A typical customer is someone with a career and family who needs help to manage their time.

Another target audience is expats, who do not know Prague so well and who do not know where to find ingredients for cooking or over-the-counter medicines. DODO can buy those things for you and deliver them to your home. Demand has been growing every week since the company launched at the end of 2015 as word slowly gets out. Requests can be quite specific. If you want to cook a meal after work but have no time to shop, you can ask for meat from one shop, vegetables from another and wine from a third place. Delivery can be set for a specific time as well. This is an advantage over calling one store that delivers. You can get exactly the items you want and have them all arrive all at once. “It is a helpful tool. You will save your money, your time and your energy,” Jana Hejnicova, marketing specialist at DODO service, explains.

One large group of customers is spouses on temporary business or diplomatic postings, who don't know the shops in the city well and also don't know the Czech words for various household items such as different types of flour and baking powder. They also don't know where to find traditional foods from their home countries. DODO can help with these day-to-day tasks so the families can settle in. “This can be a tool to help families assimilate into society and make them more comfortable in their home,” Hejnicova says. DODO is also familiar with the local ethnic restaurants and can deliver traditional foods already prepared, even if the restaurant itself doesn't offer delivery or the client doesn't know about the restaurants.

The service can also be used to do errands like pick up dry cleaning or shoes from a repair shop. One unusual request was for keys to be delivered to somebody's girlfriend because she was locked in the apartment.

You can contact DODO over Facebook at or find out more at

This is a completely new concept for the quality of courier companies in Prague. Demand an above-standard service for your customers.

One innovation is that DODO is also developing a B2B concept and is establishing partnerships with e-shops in particular.

“We are trying to teach companies that their customer care must be much better than standard. Customers should not have to change their schedule to meet the transport company’s requirements, but vice versa! Expected parcels should be delivered to customers to any place at any time they wish. Whether this is at work, at home, in the playground, in the park, the theatre, in the morning or even at midnight. Always by personal delivery.” Hejnicova explains.

DODO is maximally flexible, personal and always seeks a way to give the customer complete satisfaction. Throughout the delivery phase it is in contact with customers through SMS messages, providing information and being capable of adapting to the customer’s requirements. The customer no longer has to visit the post office or wait at home at a time specified by the transport company. Instead of a sweaty courier who hardly says hello, the customer receives a delivery from a pleasant and smiling DODO, who regularly undergoes training in communication with customers. And the entire transaction leaves a considerably different impression.

Do you operate an e-shop or brick-and-mortar shop and would you like to find out more about delivery of your goods using the DODO service? Contact us by sending an e-mail to and show your customers that you respect their comfort and time.

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