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University of New York Prague offers an American double degree option for students

At the head of this format are ESC Director of European Academic Programs, Dr. Sheila Marie Aird and UNYP Rector, Andreas Antonopoulos Ph.D.

Rector, Dr. Andreas Antonopoulos has been with the university for eight years and has overseen an improvement in overall quality of education, increased numbers, better regional recognition and a more diverse range of nationalities attending. The University’s partnership with the State University of New York has been ongoing for 20 years and Dr. Antonopoulos believes this showcases a strong bond between the two schools and something that will continue to prosper.

ESC Director of European Academic Programs, Dr. Sheila Marie Aird

“Very few partnerships in real life last that long. We have great plans for the future and the partnership is confirmation, proof if you like, that this is working well,” said Dr. Antonopoulos.

Dr. Aird had been a faculty member for 10 years at the Empire State College in New York prior to taking up her current role. She has offered the position last year to come to Prague and work with students, representing Empire State College as the European Academic Director.

“I work with the students as well as UYNP administration and faculty to collaboratively develop a curriculum that is current, reflects the interest of the student and is rigorous as well,” said Dr. Aird.

Situated in Vinohrady, in the heart of Prague, UNYP will be celebrating its 20th anniversary next year. UNYP really set the standard in Czech Republic with its offer of double degrees. This program is the only one of its kind in Prague; it offers students the chance to receive both an American accredited degree from the State University of New York, Empire State College and a European accredited degree from UNYP when they choose to study on the American Bachelors programs at UNYP. This course takes the same amount of time as normal single degree, four years, graduating with a degree from State University of New York and a UNYP degree accredited by MŠMT.

What has been on the increase in recent years is the amount of Czech’s valuing an international degree, with the new double degree it provides them with that option.

“Coming to UYNP gives Czech students the American degree and the Czech degree so the parents are satisfied that their son or daughter is getting the MŠMT accredited degree but at the same time they’re also getting the international education at a fraction of the cost,” said Dr. Antonopoulos.

UNYP Rector, Andreas Antonopoulos Ph.D.


“The world is increasingly international and an English language degree is good on its own, but we offer more.”

Students on an American bachelor’s degree program that choose to major in Business Administration, Communication & Mass Media, International & Economic Relations, or Psychology have the option of sitting the Czech state exams upon completion of their program to complete the European degree program.

What Dr. Aird was keen to stress is the greater options now available to students as a result of the double degree.

“The students benefit greatly by it. If they decided at some point they were coming to the U.S.A and they want a job then they have that option but similarly if they wanted to work in Europe, it is a win-win,” she said.

While other double degrees exist, Dr. Aird added that a UNYP double degree holds real value.

“The State University of New York is well known throughout the world, as well as having various affiliations across the globe. You are not just graduating with an American degree; you are graduating with a degree that is strong, is a known brand, an alumni base that is within the millions and our network is worldwide,” she added.

Dr. Antonopoulos echoed these sentiments by stating, “English language, critical thinking and solid practical knowledge of the area that they graduate from” are three essential skills in today’s world that the university offers, setting them apart from the rest.

In terms of future plans for the university, technological advancements are ongoing that will allow students to view lectures and taking place in other parts of world. Furthermore an increase in the amount of Czech students on the course is desired but this number is already on the rise as more Czech nationals seek an English education.

For more information you visit the university’s website here where you can have a better look at the academic programs available.

By Ross Kennerley -, Prague 02.05.2017

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