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An Interview With Adam Leščišin, CEE Regional Director of EMONEY GROUP


Adam Leščišin worked for more than 15 years at various management levels of GE Capital. He built and directed strategic group projects in areas of outsourcing, credit risk, fraud prevention and anti-money laundering. He built and led international executive teams, streamlined processes and managed technology operations in regulated banking environment. His work experience spans altogether 24 countries across Europe, North and South America and Asia. His specialization and hobbies at the same time include IC technology, leadership and team development, process management and improvement. Adam actively speaks four languages.

 What is the main business of EMONEY GROUP?     

EMONEY GROUP is focusing on designing, building and operating digital ecosystems, with specific focus on municipal and transport services. In more practical terms, we are currently active in city-card, transport fare collection and contactless payment solutions.

Can you be more specific about what digital ecosystems mean?

A digital ecosystem is the alignment and collaboration of social and technological systems in a single, open and mutually beneficial environment. Similar to nature’s ecosystems, it contains and serves the interactions of people, information, interfaces and the governing rules. 

Our role goes well beyond the purely technical design and services – we believe the critical factor is to be able to merge the technical capability with the needs of the local environment. And we believe EMONEY GROUP possesses a unique combination of competences in these areas.

The company is fairly young, how has it established itself so far with your clients?

EMONEY GROUP itself is a relatively new company, its origins date to middle of 2012. But it was created by restructuring several existing companies into a new group, so the history really dates back before year 2000. Also, the EMONEY GROUP team is made up of seasoned professionals, some of them carry more than 10-20 years of experience in the payment and related industries.

What is more important, however, is how we are being seen by our clients. For example, last week I met with the city hall officials of one our municipal clients after completing a fairly massive upgrade project of existing systems and optimization of their processes. I was told on several occasions that our team did a superb job, impressing with professional attitude, diligence and expertise ready to share and assist, even at odd times of the day and week. That is a stellar feedback for the hard work of our teams!

What is EMONEY’s competitive advantage?

We at EMONEY GROUP believe that our major value is that we combine international expertise, local execution and strong cooperation with local industries. To make it clearer: we believe that it makes no sense to use a cookie-cutter approach, where one-size-fits-all method forces the client to adapt to an existing solution. Instead, we rather adapt to the local reality to maximize the value for the client. It requires close cooperation with local partners and taking advantage of local expertise.
To give you an example: in a recent project in Mexico we were originally planning to import purely European solution for payments on buses - the most common public transport in Mexico.

In the end we decided instead to work closely with a local industrial partner. Albeit it is a fairly small company, their solution was superior for their environment to anything we have seen before.

It is our general approach and proves very effective, because we also get much better understanding of the local realities and how to address them effectively.

EMONEY GROUP is involved in one of the most discussed projects in the Czech Republic – the Opencard. Can you tell us more about it?

In many ways, Opencard is actually a very successful project, probably the largest contactless smartcard program in the CEE region. It is being used by more than 1,2 million users (i.e. more than 11% of Czech population) using it daily for various services: e.g. public transport, library services, payment for parking, discounts, etc.. For more than 7 years of growth now, without any significant technical issues. It is a shame that it's discussed more in a political context than from the service and technical perspective. Because it slows down a pragmatic discussion and decision making about the future of the program and creates a false impression that there is something fundamentally wrong with the underlying service and solution, which is not true.

Our role in Prague is to maintain and develop the ecosystem under the leadership of the municipality, which we have taken over in the beginning of 2013 from the original supplier. Every day, more than one million people seamlessly use the service and every year the ecosystem manages more than a billion of Czech crowns in travel & parking credits. This is the best proof of the quality of the solution and of our services. But we also have lots of ideas how to innovate a program like this and we are fully prepared to be the city’s long-term partner in its journey.

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