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There are offers you can‘t refuse

An interview with Vratislav Mynář, Chancellor of the office of the Czech President "Of course, I was surprised and also pleased"

When and how did you learn about the offer to become President Miloš Zeman’s chancellor?

It was in the period after Miloš Zeman was elected the President of the country. Given that the time was very hectic for me, I don’t remember the exact date. About two weeks after his election, the President personally approached me and offered a job in his office in the position of a chancellor.

Were you surprised by the offer?

Of course, I was surprised and also pleased. There are offers you can’t refuse and this is certainly one of them. I also perceive this opportunity as the President’s thanks for the work I did in and outside the presidential campaign. A glance out of the window of my office each morning confirms to me that I made the right decision when I accepted the President’s offer.

What has changed for you since? Prior to that you worked only as chairman of the Party of Civic Rights – Zeman's People

Almost everything changed. But I must admit, I’m used to such changes. When my business partners and I sold our company ten years ago, I jumped into building a ski resort, without knowing anything about this segment. Four years ago, I switched from business to politics and that was another 180 degree change. And now, after a successful career as the PCR-ZP chairman and chairman of the election committee for Miloš Zeman in the presidential campaign, I became a state employee. Not long ago, I couldn’t even imagine such a thing. It’s a paradox, because I always swore against the state office clerks. Here, the saying „Never say never“ is confirmed once again.

Why did you join PCR-ZP and what do you think is its major strength?

It was thanks to the personality of Miloš Zeman, who is in my view, one of the major leaders in the post-revolution history of our country. I’m not among those who sit “over a beer” and criticize. I try to contribute to the change, primarily through my work.  PCR-ZP has huge potential, precisely thanks to following the thinking and experience of Zeman as a politician, a pragmatic, a prime minister and president, which is something another political party cannot offer its voters. PCR-ZP is not a marketing product or a randomly collected group of individuals, as in parties such as ANO (YES) or Úsvit (Sunrise). Zeman’s people have a base of several thousand who can address people and generate strong personalities. We do everything personally, while in the case of, for example, the ANO movement, it’s a matter of money and paid services. And, in my view, that can never work. It’s visible, when you put a piece of yourself into it.

Will you run in the early elections for PCR-ZP?

Yes, I will be the leader of the PCR-ZP list of candidates for the Zlín region, my home area.

Do you intend to get personally involved in fundraising for PCR-ZP for the early elections?

No. That question should be directed toward the First Vice Chairman of PCR-ZP, because fundraising is a part of his competency.  

Who would you personally like to see among the PCR-ZP list of candidates?

Certainly strong personalities and experts, because our country has already had more than enough of the good-for-nothing types in the Chamber of Deputies. We need people who achieved something in their respective fields and in life and the results of their work are visible behind them. With the right people in the right places, there is no chance of creating bad caricatures such as the Church restitutions, S-Cards, pension reforms or the current tax ranges. 

Which coalition partners are most acceptable to you at the moment? Does the communist party have coalition potential for PCR-ZP?

We have the most common points with the Social Democrats, although there are many areas in which we cannot agree with them. In case of success in the elections, we certainly won’t try to force ourselves into the government. As they say „Count your hares after the hunt.“ We need to wait for the election results.

How do you relax to get away from the world of high politics? Do you have hobbies?

I can relax best at home in Osvětimany, with my parents and sister or with friends over a beer. I also like sports, although recently I have no time for sports activities. Whenever possible, I try to help with local soccer. Unfortunately, there’s less and less time, but I still believe that just making the effort is appreciated.

Source: Leaders Magazine - (Pavlína Holancová) 

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