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My Experience, My Inspiration - Interview with Jiri Pavlicek

Under the management of Jiri Pavlicek, this company of four employees became a successful and thriving business and is now the leader on the market of Corporate Grant Consulting. Mr. Pavlicek is, nevertheless, not resting on his laurels and with his new projects he is constantly trying to fill the market holes. He has also recently  started a periodical focusing on delivering unique news from the sphere of public administration designed for English speaking managers in the Czech Republic – GovDaily.

You run a business in a field that is rather time limited, the flow of grants from the European Union to the Czech Republic will be cut short at some point. How do you built a successful company on such predictions? 

Naturally, you are right, the grants for our Republic are limited. Nevertheless, grant consulting is not the only field of interest of our company, we specialise in a wide range of activities related to investment projects funding, such as investment incentives or research and development tax credit. Presently, we are also developing an intense focus on the sphere of public contracts.  

What do you consider to be the biggest obstacles in your business?

Probably, as in every field, our business is heavily influenced by the happening in the public administration sector - everything from legislation and regulation changes to up-coming  proposals and public contract announcements. Given the close attachement to the public administration sector, personnel changes are also crucial to us. It is rather difficult to get access to this type of information and stay oriented. According to our survey (spring 2013), about 80% of all Czech entrepreneurs consider this a problematic issue. Imagine how challenging this must be for the foreigners living and working in the Czech Republic.

Is that the reason why you started the GovDaily periodical?

The original idea wasn’t that we publish a periodical that would summarise all the important happenings in the public administration sector. The genesis of the product was a little different. Public administration monitoring was a considerably time demanding activity and  every now and then there was a key information that would escape our attention and we would lose a potential business opportunity. Thus, we decided to develop a solution for our internal needs. What followed was that I noticed a high demand for this kind of information in a well-organised formate and that is how the first issue of GovDaily came into existence.

Do you see a market potential in this product?

Results begin to show that there is a good reason to believe in this product. Moreover, the state gives out on average more than 1 billion Czech Crowns on public contracts every day, which is a big amount of money, and I consider it crucial for the businesses to know the direction in which this money is going to allocate, so that they can stay prepared and go after the contracts that might interest them. That is why we also attach a structured overview of all current public contract announcements to every issue of GovDaily.

Did you immediately start publishing the periodical in English as well?

No, in April this year we launched the first issue in Czech. We were lucky, the responses from the market were rather positive and bigger clients began to ask for an English version for the higher managements. In September this year the first English issue was published, tailored to the needs of the expats living and working in the Czech Republic. Whether we did a good job they can tell themselves by ordering our two-week trial subscription for free.  (

Are you currently preparing any other new projects?

Yes, we are trying not to fall behind and continuously broaden our services to our already existing customers. At the same time we are working on some new ideas. More or less they are of a similar character as the Czech and the English version of GovDaily. We were facing this problem for so long that we eventually decided to come up with our own solution which turned out to have a potential to succeed even on the commercial market. Whether this  whole mission will be successful is hopefully a question soon to be answered.

Jiri Pavlicek is the CEO of the company eNovation s.r.o.

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