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Dear All,

Last week saw a new president arrive in Germany, a new government in the Slovak Republic and positive market forecasts for the Central European Region. Change is sometimes good, let's hope that this is the case this time around. In the Czech Republic, life goes on as ever, it's been a back week for the coalition government, Czech people have been polled as having their lowest ever confidence in the EU and trade unions are calling for strikes in protest against government austerity measures. Even so, the good ship Czech Republic keeps sailing through the troubled economic sea and business carries on regardless.

We're hoping that our PragueConnect 'Prague Business Leaders Networking Event will bring a welcome reality check for everyone coming. Guest speaker Tomas Sedlacek is well known for his straight talking and we're sure that those attending will welcome an alternative, informed opinion about the challenges and importantly, the opportunities that we have in the Czech Republic. At time of writing, we have just 4 remaining tickets for this event so; if you'd still like to take us now! We are very much looking forward to our first meeting of 2012 and have tried hard to ensure that we have an excellent venue, catering and a good mix of people.

Once again, we've received constructive and positive feedback from our users of the past week and we've been given some interesting ideas for some innovations on our website which we hope to develop soon. We now have more than 1500 members in our social networks and 250 registered users direct on We thank you for your support while we try to bring the Prague business community together in an effective way.

Our business directory now contains fully verified company information for business and services across a wide range of disciplines and industries and we encourage everyone to use it as a tool to find solid business partners and service providers. Just a reminder that, registration on the directory is free so, please let us know if you would like your company to be listed and we'll be happy to get you online. The directory is now available also on since last week and is a good increase in exposure and hit rates for the companies listed.

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We wish you all a great week ahead and, be assured, we will be connecting with you all again next week!

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