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Charlemagne: Eastern Europeans think Western food brands are selling them dross

Print section Print Rubric:  Why it matters that eastern Europeans think they are being sold inferior Nutella Print Headline:  The chocolate curtain Print Fly Title:  Charlemagne UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Trump’s Washington is paralysed Fly Title:  Charlemagne Main image:  20170701_EUD000_0.jpg FOR some it is the cheese and yogurt; for others the fruit juice. But for Tibor Ferko, a young butcher from Usti nad Labem, a city in the northern Czech Republic, it is the chocolate that leaves him slavering at the chops. Mr Ferko gestures with near-Italian flamboyance as he recalls the “creamy” texture of the Milka bars available just across the German border but denied to him by the inferior product at home. A few miles away, in a supermarket off the Srbice highway, Zdenek Kuklik vows never again to visit Czech shops for the Hipp baby food he feeds to ...
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