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WORLDSWIDE JELLY WEEK, January 16-22, 2012 FREE Jellies all week at 5 different coworking spaces and a cafe in Prague!

WORLDSWIDE JELLY WEEK, January 16-22, 2012 
FREE Jellies all week at 5 different coworking spaces and a cafe in Prague! 

"Jelly is a casual working event. It's taken place in over a hundred cities where people have 
come together (in a person's home, a coffee shop, or an office) to work for the day. We 
provide chairs and sofas, wireless internet, and interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, 
and bounce ideas off of. You bring a laptop (or whatever you need to get your work done) and 
a friendly disposition." Learn more about Jelly here. 

Prague Coworking Jellies are being organized in cooperation with several coworking spaces 
around Prague who have decided that we all benefit (our members, independent workers in 
Prague, and the coworking spaces themselves) if we can work together to promote common 
goals. Our Jellies have several goals in common: (1) Jelly for Jelly's sake: Jelly is a great way 
for independent workers to feel more socially connected, to share knowledge, and to work 
productively with others rather than alone. Jellies support one of the central missions of 
coworking more generally: they help build community, well-being, and excellence among 
independent workers. They are directly aligned with the aims of our coworking spaces and 
have been part of the development of coworking spaces around the world since 2006 when 
the first Jelly was held in New York City. (2) To help spread the word about coworking and the 
value it has to offer. Jellies let people who are thinking about joining a coworking space learn 
about it first. They also give people not interested in joining a coworking space--or without the 
money for it--the chance to get some of the value of coworking for free. 

Calendar of Jellies for Worldwide Jelly Week: 
(all Jellies except Thursday's are from 10am-5pm) 

• Monday, January 16th: Hub Praha, Drtinova 10, Praha 5 
• Tuesday, January 17th: QWERTY-spaces, Žitná 4, Praha 2 
• Wednesday, January 18th: DeskRoom, Prokopská 8, Praha 1 
• Thursday, January 19th: Unaffiliated Jelly at Krásný Ztráty. Register at 
• Friday, January 20th: Green Office Praha, Opletalova 9, Praha 1 
• Saturday, January 21st: Locus Workspace, Krakovská 22, Praha 1 

INDICATING WHICH JELLY YOU PLAN TO ATTEND (for Thursday's Jelly, you must register 


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