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OpenCall mobile opens first pre-paid SIM card retail outlet

Virtual goes reality by Emma Atkinson

Mobile Virtual Network Operator OpenCall mobile have just opened their first retail store at Revoluční 1246/22 in Prague, making the transition from virtual to reality.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (or MVNOs) are companies which offer mobile services for the use of mobile networks which they do not own, such as T-Mobile or Vodafone. Using a pre-paid SIM card is an easy and efficient way to make calls within the Czech Republic and internationally, and is particularly useful for foreign expats to communicate with relatives back home without extortionate data roaming charges, particularly as they may be unable to buy into a contract, or are forced to pay unreasonable deposits to secure a phone.

Currently there are several MVNOs offering pre-paid SIM cards in the Czech Republic, including BLESKmobil, Tesco mobile, and OpenCall. Considering these companies are the cheapest and sometimes the only way that expats can communicate whilst in the country, it’s surprising how little many of these companies offer to customers who cannot speak Czech.

Prague-based company OpenCall is currently the only pre-paid SIM company which specifically focuses on non-Czech speakers, with a website offered in Czech, English and Russian, as well as several language options immediately available on their customer helpline and on the SIM card itself. In comparison, BLESKmobil, Tesco mobile and do not offer any language options either on their websites or customer helplines, and only the latter company was able to answer any queries in English via telephone, although there was some confusion.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Cost to call within Czech Republic (per minute)

Cost to call United Kingdom (per minute)

OpenCall Mobile

1.80 CZK



2.50 CZK

10 CZK

Tesco Mobile

2.50 CZK

10 CZK

2.50 CZK

7.47 CZK

As you can see, pricewise, OpenCall actually does offer the cheapest rate for calls within the Czech Republic and internationally, without any hidden charges or restrictions. Their new store in Revoluční 1246/22, 110 00, Prague is open from 9 – 18 Monday to Friday and 11 – 15 on weekends.

For more information on other MVNOs, as well as those on this list, visit


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