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1 JavaScript(React Developer) + 1 Java Developer - streaming technologies!

Job description You will join a medium-sized team in a company that brought to life breakthrough streaming technologies and became the leader in the European market. As part of the exciting projects and assignments that you will work on, you will actively attend the most prestigious conferences worldwide to sharpen your skills and polish your everyday performance. Sounds good so far? It gets even better! In a team of 3 Java and 4 C/C++ back-end Developers, you will prove your coding skills to help the company's performance to further enable the unparalleled global expansion and ambitions of the Czech company. The team is mostly Czech and you will need to speak at least intermediate Czech while still being able to use English regularly. You can expect a diverse team of easy-going programmers who like to get together even outside of the working hours to become even stronger and fulfilled. Flexible working hours and home-office for a day per week are part of the company culture of my client. Requirements Your profile(JAVASCRIPT/REACT): As a JavaScript/React, you will develop a web app that enables to stream live TV and use TV archive, recording of TV programs and playing movies from the library. You will need to have great knowledge of JavaScript, React Native, CSS, and pre-intermediate English. If you know a bit of PHP, Python, Linux, Git, Jira, that will absolutely come in handy. Your profile (JAVA DEVELOPER): My client wants to transfer from 1 AS that does everything to various microservices (REST + messaging), that are more easily to be maintained, understood and scaled. It is in Java/Kotlin as a spring boot 2 app – mostly spring webflux. The microservices will be of different types (some of them will need to manage big pressure, sync content between each other or just manage content – user, content, reports... You will further need to maintain AS. For client apps, it is all hidden behind graphql server (that on is in javascript, node.js) We offer If you are like 80 percent of who is described above and you are perfectly capable of carrying out the tasks outlined above, do not think twice and apply for this job right now! You will be exposed to constant learning opportunities and a super-friendly team that passionately lives their technological dream every single day of the week. You can start immediately in a company that is the unbeatable trendsetter in the streaming technologies business (IPTV, OTT) delivering television and video content to mobile phones, tablets, PCs, MACs and smart TVs. Take great pride in participating in the invasion of the latest technological advancements into the future of entertainment and send your CV to right now!
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