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Where to invest in Brno property

Brno is the second in size to Prague but could never be called second-rate.

Ask any resident why they prefer Brno to Prague and one of the first things they will invariably tell you is how much easier it is to get from one side to the other and around the center.



Residents love the proximity of everything in Brno when compared to Prague.


Brno is also surrounded by a great natural environment. You can pretty much jump on your bicycle in any location, ride 15 minutes and be in the forest.

What characterizes Brno’s inhabitants?

Friendly! People socialize, and are friendly with others. It’s part of the South Moravian open personality. Please don’t take this as biased because I am not from Southern Moravia!

A well-educated populous

Brno had 89,245 university students in 2010 (42,184 at Masaryk University, 22,849 at University of Technology in Brno, 13,000 Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno). With the total population of Brno at 405,360, students make up almost one quarter of it.

In addition to the universities there are 279 other schools in Brno (134 kindergartens, 66 primary, 30 secondary, 22 grammar schools, 2 conservatoires, 12 colleges, 13 universities – 2010 statistics).

Brno has a young, education-oriented population which bodes well for the future and is exactly why international firms like IBM, AT&T and Monster, among others, have major centers in the city.

Recommended districts

Brno has 29 districts but I will narrow that down to the top few that we would recommend for investment.

In terms of districts, the majority of Brno’s population lives in Brno - center. It has around 90,000 inhabitants. However the property prices in the direct center are very expensive compared to how much you can achieve in rent.

Prime locations in terms of investment return are Královo Pole and its neighbor Žabovřesky with 48,500 inhabitants. The population of these two areas has stayed basically stable over the years 2008 to 2010.

These areas are close to the Technical Park in Brno (IBM, Motorola, etc.) – where a lot of Czechs and foreigners are employed. Many of them are working here only on a project basis, which means that they are primarily interested in renting rather than purchase. Small flats (up to 50 m2) which are furnished are the best rentals to target this sector.

An additionally good area for investment is Brno – sever (north), specifically the districts of Černá Pole and Lesná. These districts have a very good reputation for being the green part of Brno.

Directly beside Lesna is the forest. This makes it an attractive location for families or couples that want to stay out of the city rush but still have an easy connection to the city center.

Černá Pole is also very close to the center and offers a good quality environment for living in brick constructed apartment buildings. These buildings are usually much smaller than the Communist-era concrete apartment buildings.  If reconstructed, apartments in this area are also sought after by couples and families.

Are there any up-and-coming districts we’d recommend?

One such area with good potential is Brno – Zábrdovice. This district has many old historical buildings. The negative aspect at present is that many of the buildings are owned by the municipality and neglected. However, the city now is starting to take care about the area, slowly reconstructing their buildings and moving out old problematic tenants.

Location has always been critical to the success of Brno as a city and every indication is that it will continue to be so.

by Pavel Pařízek - - Investment Adviser in Brno for Czech Point 101 - "You’re in good hands whether buying, selling or managing property in the Czech Republic."    

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