C&COM Advertising

Basic information

Company name C&COM Advertising
Type Premium customer type
Category PR / Marketing

Contact information

Phone +420 272 732 388
Fax +420 226 015 880
E-mail ccom@ccom.cz
URL www.ccom.cz
Street and number Pařížská 13
City Prague
ZIP 11000
Country Czech Republic

Company information

C&COM Advertising Ltd., a member of the C&COM Group, has been operating in the Czech advertising market since 1992. In 2004, the agency went through restructuring due to the company’s growth, its integration into the European advertising community (E3 Network – A European network of independent advertising agencies) and due to new client requirements.

The term "integrated marketing communication" means the concentration of strategic advice combined with the deployment of an appropriate mix of communication tools, market research, pretests, imaginative creative processing, ATL and BTL advertising, public relations, direct marketing and event management. Always with an emphasis on an optimal resulting ratio of measurable indicators – a balance between PERFORMANCE and PRICE.

We know how to create effective advertising that achieves the desired aims whether it concerns an increase in market share, brand development, launching a new product, event management or the creation of new commercially successful packaging.


No documents in company.
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