Passion Communications

Basic information

Company name Passion Communications
Type Premium customer type
Category PR / Marketing

Contact information

Phone +420 736 163 629
Street and number Malostranské náměstí 266/5
City Prague
ZIP 118 00
Country Czech Republic

Company information

Passion Communications is a full service communications agency based in Prague which specializes in bridging traditional media with the digital world. We believe that communication should not end on printed material or on a web site. We ensure that creative campaigns are compelling enough to come to life in print, TV, digital, mobile, social media, and PR while at the same time being strategically aligned with the marketing objective and positioning.

Passion Communications is a collection of creatives from all over the world with a passion to create. We are strategic planners, programmers, artists, PR professionals, rock stars, and hackers. We are the 1% of the world that loves to creates content and know that any marketing problem can be solved using creativity and strategic thinking.


No documents in company.
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