Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s. (CSOB)

Basic information

Company name Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s. (CSOB)
Type Premium customer type
Category Banks

Contact information

Phone +420 224 111 111
E-mail Info@csob.cz
URL www.csob.cz
Street and number Radlicka 333/150
City Prague
ZIP 15057
Country Czech Republic

Company information

CSOB keeps the position of the strongest, most stable and most powerful bank in the Czech Republic, as well as in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. After its successful privatization by KBC, Belgium and the strategic acquisition of IPB, it is dynamically developing its services in order to satisfy both the existing and future needs of its clients.

CSOB was established in 1964 by the State Bank of Czechoslovakia (SBCS), which was the majority shareholder, and by other state-controlled entities. CSOB was the sole bank in Czechoslovakia providing services in the field of foreign trade (financing of foreign-trade enterprises, foreign currency services). 

After 1990 the bank diversified its activities and expanded its client base mainly with businesses, but also natural persons. Today, CSOB is a universal bank providing its products and services to all clients, from students to seniors, from small businesses to supranational corporations. 

After successful privatization, CSOB has been operating since June 1999 in coordination with its majority holder - KBC Bank, Belgium. KBC is a member of the financial group KBC Banking and Insurance Group, which ranks among the largest and strongest in Europe, operating through its branches and daughter companies literally all round the world. 

Other shareholders in CSOB include the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and International Financial Corporation of the World Bank Group.


No documents in company.
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