INCHEBA PRAHA spol. s r. o.

Basic information

Company name INCHEBA PRAHA spol. s r. o.
Type Premium customer type
Category Convention Centers

Contact information

Phone +420 220 103 111
Fax +420 233 379 450
Street and number Areál Výstaviště 67
City Prague
ZIP 170 90
Country Czech Republic

Company information

Praha – Holešovice Fairground is a highly interesting exhibition area featuring long tradition and attractive location near the city. Every ear, over 50 exhibitions in various sectors and branches are organised on the area of approx. 320 000 sq m. The multi-functional character of the fairground allows Incheba Praha to co-organise various culture and entertaining events as well.

A significant milestone in the development of Incheba Praha was the conclusion of an agreement for long-term lease of the grounds with the authorities of Prague for a 60 year term. Presently, a new development concept is being developed, with an extensive town-planning study of the area. Various repair works on exhibition halls and other premises are being made , the base facilities and area infrastructure will be progressively improved and new design of communications (both inside the area and access roads) is under way.

Incheba Praha aims to extend the scope of its activities to provide for increased attractiveness of the fairground in Holešovice, both for the inhabitants and visitors in Prague


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