Basic information

Company name Qwerty-spaces
Type Premium customer type
Category Coworking

Contact information

Phone +420 774 174 987
E-mail info@qwerty-spaces.com
URL qwerty-spaces.com
Street and number Žitná 1765/4
City Prague
ZIP 120 00
Country Czech Republic

Company information

We are the first and only Russian-oriented coworking office in Prague.

Why Qwerty-spaces?

We are the first and only Russian-oriented coworking office in Prague.

Given range of our services, our prices are low enough.

We are for healthy environment and healthy lifestyle. You can park your bike in a special room, take a shower and fix yourself up — we have a shower which is to seek among coworking offices in Prague.

Cooperation in our place is based on mutual respect, which makes environment comfortable for every member.

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple. We try to:

  • Develop coworking movement in general and in Prague in particular
  • Create a small friendly and balanced freelance community
  • Create a pleasant and comfortable environment for every member of our office
  • Look for new opportunities, ideas, business development, and assistance in different business spheres

What future can we expect?

Qwerty-spaces coworking office offers its members different events both business and entertaining.

In the way to success

Coworking activity helps developing in professional and personal grows. That's why we believe it is important and necessary to take part in various trainings, seminars, courses on the basis of coworking office, and invite speakers who are interested in such target audience. In the long term we will provide information support in various meetings, conferences, small sections.

We also want to arrange language courses to help freelancers get used to the new country and integrate into the local community.


Jelly is a casual coworking event. Freelancers who work at home or in cafes come together to work for the day. They talk, collaborate with, share ideas and start new interesting projects. It is like “concentrated” coworking: one day without usual tasks and activities focused on the communicative aspect of the coworking.


Qwerty-spaces coworking will provide its premises and facilities for such events. For more information about Jelly, see:http://workatjelly.com/


No documents in company.

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