Nachtigall Artists Management

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Company name Nachtigall Artists Management
Type Premium customer type
Category Event Organization

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Phone +420 602 219 611
Street and number Čerchovská 6/1981
City Prague
ZIP 120 00
Country Czech Republic

Company information

Several years ago, shortly after Christmas, I took a 5-year-old girl to a concert. Still under the impression of Christmas tales, her eyes started to shine as she entered the concert hall and she said “This looks like a fairy-tale!” Then, this overly active and always talking child grew quiet and started to listen to the concert…

In a similar way I was also brought to a concert hall and an opera house 40 years ago and my fascination with this form of art has commenced. It lasts until today as I assumed the role of an artistic manager. This role allows me to initiate and organize what happens on the stage. Though it is not obvious, top artists now-a-days cannot work without a flawless and professional support of a manager.

I am the one who is to be blamed for everything.
I am the one the listeners should never see.

Should this be the case, my agency and I do a good job; therefore you can sit quietly and just get enchanted by music. 

Alena Nachtigalová


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