Basic information

Company name OFFICE HOUSE
Type Premium customer type
Category Instant Offices

Contact information

Phone +420 226 091 226
Mobile +420 226 091 225
Street and number Ovocný trh 572/11
City Prague
ZIP 110 00
Country Czech Republic

Company information

OFFICE HOUSE s.r.o. is the oldest and largest company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia specialised in the provision of registered office and virtual office services.

If you establish yourself in the Czech Republic or Slovakia for the purpose of buying property or starting a new business, one problem may arise: you are not yet ready to have a fully-equipped and staffed office in the country - but the law (or your activities themselves) require you to have one. Whether you need a registered office for your Czech company (even if it is a special purpose vehicle for property reasons) or simply require an impressive place of contact for your Czech and Slovak clients and business partners, our services may be ideal for you.


No documents in company.
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