Stuchlíková & Partners, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.

Basic information

Company name Stuchlíková & Partners, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o.
Type Premium customer type
Category Legal & Law

Contact information

Phone +420 222 767 393
Mobile +420 776 617 711
Street and number Panská 890/7, Kaunický Palace
City Prague 1
ZIP 11000
Country Czech Republic

Company information

Stuchlíková & Partners is a modern and dynamic Czech law firm with focus on Commercial Law and Mergers and Acquisitions, ICT law and E-commerce, Intellectual Property and Copyrights, Banking and Finance and Capital Markets, Immigration Law and Real Estate Law.

Stuchlíková & Partners is a modern and dynamic Czech law firm.

Our lawyers and tax advisors have many years of experience at leading Czech and international law firms and consulting firms.

Thanks to our wide range of experience, we are capable of offering expert legal services for reasonable prices. 

Stuchlíková & Partners provides comprehensive advice to corporate clientele relating to all aspects of business. We are aware of the fact that legal advice without considering the impact of taxes and accounting is not complete. This is why we always consult the recommended legal approaches with our tax and accounting experts.

We also focus on advice to private clients who have high expectations with respect to the quality of legal services and customer service. Our legal services are used by private clients from abroad when investing in the the Czech Republic and in everyday circumstances, such as purchasing real estate or family law matters.


No documents in company.
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