Prague Leadership Institute s.r.o.

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Company name Prague Leadership Institute s.r.o.
Type Premium customer type
Category Management Training

Contact information

Phone +420 724 369 706
Street and number Sněmovní 174/7
City Prague
ZIP 118 00
Country Czech Republic

Company information

We offer a comprehensive range of programs from individual coaching, in English and Czech, to Boards of Directors and team coaching, keynote speeches, and half-day workshops to two-day retreat programs.

All of these are created especially for the specific individual, team, or audience. In general, our area of expertise is in what we call The Human Element of Leadership (THEL). THEL is the bringing together of emotional intelligence (self-mastery), social intelligence (interpersonal competence) and contextual intelligence (the how, when, where, and why) in a way that brings out the best in an individual and in the people that individual leads, whether they lead a company of thousands or just themselves.

Over the past two decades, exhaustive global studies have shown that the key challenge for leaders in the 21st century is engagement—how to motivate their workforces to go beyond threshold, or compliance behavior, to fully engaged behavior, which delivers consistently higher levels of creativity and productivity. THEL is what drives engagement and The Prague Leadership Institute’s programs lead individuals on a path of self-discovery, understanding the "physics" of leadership (cause and effect), and how to craft an authentic, genuine, credible and relevant, individual style of engaged leadership, much of which can be put to use immediately.

Our client list and testimonials speak to our effectiveness.


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