Svoboda & Williams s.r.o.

Basic information

Company name Svoboda & Williams s.r.o.
Type Premium customer type
Category Real Estate

Contact information

Phone +420 257 328 281
Street and number Na Perštýně 2
City Prague
ZIP 110 00
Country Czech Republic

Company information

Svoboda & Williams is a leading real estate agency offering residential and commercial properties in premium locations of the Czech Republic. Doing business as Svoboda & Williams, FeelHome, Prague Stay and EHS we have been providing real estate, relocation and investment services since 1993. We focus on top-quality properties in Prague, Brno as well as other Czech Republic locations and offer meticulous, prompt and professional services. Innovation is key to every area of our business, which keeps us always at the forefront of the market.

Our real estate database features a wide array of residential as well as commercial properties for sale and rent in Prague, Brno and other Czech Republic locations. We mainly focus on property sales and long term rentals but we also offer a unique collection of serviced apartments and short term rentals in premium Prague locations.


If you would like to get an update about properties currently for sale and rent at Svoboda & Williams, please visit us at

Svoboda & Williams is one of Prague's most trusted names in real estate. Whether you are buying, selling, investing, developing a property, seeking a home or offering one for rent, our partnership and all-professional staff provide the security, knowledge and support you need.



No documents in company.
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