Basic information

Company name
Type Premium customer type
Category Personal services

Contact information

Phone + 420 604 589 94
Street and number Nikoly Tesly 1424
City Prague
ZIP 160 00
Country Czech Republic

Company information

We offer fitness and wellnes services at clients home - personal fitness trainings, massages, physiotherapy and nutrition consulting. We provide our services in Prague and also throughout Czech Republic.




Lose weight and shape your body with a maximum saving of your free time under a professional supervision of a personal trainer! Choose a time and a place of your training by yourself! Our personal trainer will come to you. We offer our services all over the Czech Republic.


We specialize in effektive fitness training in nonstandard conditions –

exercise at home, outdoors, in the office. We offer also massages and physiotherapy at your home.


Why should you train with us?

  • You save your free time, which can be wasted in trafficjam.
  • In a price is also included composing of nutrition plan.
  • Each fifth lection we do a 20 min. neck massage or assisted stretching to you.
  • You can combine workout lections with massages and physiotherapy.

Try a sample training lection for FREE!


Personal workout programmes are focused on:Workout with personal trainer
- health workout
to alleviate and prevent back pain
- weight reduction programme
to firm up and shape the body
- cardio kickbox
to shape the entire body
- anabolic programme
to increase muscle strength
(The programmes are combined together depending on your goals.)


No documents in company.
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