Telefónica Czech Republic, a.s.

Basic information

Company name Telefónica Czech Republic, a.s.
Type Premium customer type
Category Telecommunication

Contact information

Phone 800 203 203
Street and number Za Brumlovkou 266/2
City Prague
ZIP 14022
Country Czech Republic

Company information

Telefónica Czech Republic is a major integrated operator in the Czech Republic. It is now operating more than seven million lines, both fixed and mobile, making it one of the world’s leading providers of fully converged services.

The organization offers the most comprehensive portfolio of voice and data services in this country. It is paying special attention to the exploitation of the growth potential, particularly in the data and Internet sector. Telefónica Czech Republic operates the largest fixed and mobile network including a 3rd generation network, CDMA (for data), and UMTS, enabling voice, data and video transmission. Telefónica Czech Republic is also a notable provider of ICT services.

Telefónica Czech Republic has implemented and received certifications for its Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008), Environmental Protection System (ISO 14001:2004), Industrial Safety & Health System (ČSN OHSAS 18001:2007) and Information Safety System (ISO 27001:2005). Our company has received numerous other awards such as “Recognised for Excellence” by the European Foundation for Quality Management in 2006 or “Health-Supporting Business” by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic in 2008.

Telefónica Czech Republic is part of Telefónica Europe within the global Telefónica group.


No documents in company.
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