GTS Czech s.r.o.

Basic information

Company name GTS Czech s.r.o.
Type Premium customer type
Category Telecommunication

Contact information

Phone 800 990 990
Street and number Přemyslovská 2845/43
City Prague
ZIP 13000
Country Czech Republic

Company information

GTS Czech is a nationwide telecommunications operator and managed services provider which provides at guaranteed quality levels a complex portfolio of voice, data, hosting, Internet and ICT services.

It originated as GTS Novera in 2005 as a union of two leading alternative telecommunications operators, GTS Czech and Aliatel. In 2006, it successfully completed the acquisition of other telecommunications operators active in the Czech market – the Contactel Company, Telenor Networks and Nextra. In October, 2010, its name was changed to GTS Czech. It is a part of the robust international telecommunications group GTS Central European Holding B.V. which is the foremost telecommunications service provider in the central European region. GTS Czech currently has approximately 500 employees.

The company is a part of a powerful international telecommunication group GTS Central European Holding B.V., which is a leading provider of telecommunication services within the Central European region.

Annual revenues of the GTS CEH group are around CZK 10 billion, with GTS Novera, which currently has about 500 employees, contributing nearly CZK 5 billion.

GTS Central Europe was awarded the "Carrier of the Year" award for 2005, 2007 and 2009 by Capacity Magazine. This award confirms our belief that we are currently the best telecoms supplier in Central Europe. Our core values underpin this success...


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