Aspen Institute Prague o.p.s.

Basic information

Company name Aspen Institute Prague o.p.s.
Type Premium customer type
Category Education

Contact information

Phone +420 222 524 747
Street and number Palackého 740/1
City Prague
ZIP 110 00
Country Czech Republic

Company information

Aspen Prague is a non-ideological and non-partisan institution for airing new ideas and diverse points of view and provides a venue where all parts of society can join a neutral discussion on key topics of today.

The activities of Aspen Institute Prague are divided into LeadershipPolicy and Publicprograms.

· The Institute supports future decision-makers in politics, business, the arts and civil society by providing scholarships to them and by connecting them with their peers abroad.

· Aspen Prague also facilitates closed-door policy discussions on current political and economic issues.

· Simultaneously, by hosting international conferences and disseminating its publications to wide audiences, the Institute enlivens public debate on pivotal topics.

In this way, Aspen Prague intends to assist in broader participation of Central Europe in the global community and to provide a more informed background for shaping policies that affect lifes of us all. In cooperation with other Aspen global partners the Institute in Prague will promote and enhance the objectives and efforts shared by the entire Aspen family in yet another region of the world.


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