Czech Language Training

Basic information

Company name Czech Language Training
Type Premium customer type
Category Education

Contact information

Phone +420 222 713 270
Street and number Táboritská 15/1084
City Prague
ZIP 13000
Country Czech Republic

Company information

Since 2001, our private language studio has offered top quality Czech courses for foreigners. During these years, we have gradually created a specific training system and a special selection of services for our students, so that they can achieve maximum progress in the shortest period possible.

If our conditions are what you are looking for to study Czech language then Czech Language Training is the right school for you. You can find more details of our selection in the following sections of this website.

Czech courses for foreigners

Čeština pro cizince

Individual approach to each student (100 % guarantee of maximum seven students in the class)

Most „practical“ form of instruction(not resulting in separate knowledge of grammar or vocabulary, but in specific language skills which can be used „on the street“ immediately after each lesson)

Students can choose the most suitable study programme at the beginning of every month (intensity / course type / number of classmates, etc.)

Friendly, family atmosphere of our studio



No documents in company.
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