Kooperativa pojistovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group

Basic information

Company name Kooperativa pojistovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group
Type Premium customer type
Category Insurance

Contact information

Phone 841 105 105
E-mail info@koop.cz
URL www.koop.cz
Street and number Templova 747
City Prague
ZIP 11000
Country Czech Republic

Company information

Kooperativa is the second largest insurance company on the domestic market. It was established in 1991 as the first commercial insurance company on the territory of former Czechoslovakia. Our share of the compulsory insurance in the Czech Republic is 23%. We are a universal insurance company offering full range of services and all standard types of insurance for individuals as well as company clients from small businesses to large industrial companies.

Kooperativa, Ceska podnikatelska pojistovna, and Pojistovna Ceske sporitelny are parts of the Vienna Insurance Group, one of the leading insurance groups in the Middle and Eastern European countries with their shares being traded on the stock exchange markets in Vienna and Prague. In addition to their primary market in Austria, Vienna Insurance Group is also present through its subsidiaries in Albania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Apart from that, they also have branches in Italy and Slovenia. On the Austrian market the syndicate is represented by Wiener Staedtische Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group, Donau Versicherung, and Sparkassen Versicherung. The further control a minority share in Wuestenrot Versicherung.


No documents in company.
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