Basic information

Company name UNIQA
Type Premium customer type
Category Insurance

Contact information

Phone 800 120 020
E-mail info@uniqa.cz
URL www.uniqa.cz
Street and number Evropská 136
City Prague
ZIP 16012
Country Czech Republic

Company information

UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s. entered the market for insurance in the Czech Republic in 1993 under its original name "Česko-rakouská pojišťovna". The company changed its name to "UNIQA pojišťovna" in 2001 as part of the international strategy of its parent group to associate all of the member companies with the "UNIQA" name. The UNIQA Group is an international group of companies, which is based in Vienna. UNIQA is the largest insurance company in Austria, where it has roughly a one-fifth share of the market. The group currently has a presence in 21 countries across Europe, where it operates through its 30 subsidiaries. The ambition of the UNIQA Group is to the most dynamic Austrian insurance company in continental Europe.


No documents in company.
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