en Events on PragueConnect.cz – powered by PragueConnect.cz http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s424/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events Events on PragueConnect.cz portal – powered by PragueConnect.cz Wed, 17 Jan 2018 11:47:12 GMT Wed, 17 Jan 2018 10:47:12 GMT 60 PragueConnect.cz RSS 2.0 generator IBF New Year’s Luncheon http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8670-IBF-New-Year-s-Luncheon http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8670-IBF-New-Year-s-Luncheon The IBF New Year’s Lunch is taking place on Tuesday, 16th January, at restaurant V Zátiší , from 12.00 pm onwards. In addition to the usual great food, drin, and company that we always expect at our first event of the year, we will discuss our plans for 2018 and answer any questions you may have.   Places are limited, so sign up now! Ticket price: Members: 1,200 Kc / Non-Members: 1,500 Kc / Sponsors: free Register Here Tue, 16 Jan 2018 12:00:00 GMT New Year Party 2018 http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8664-New-Year-Party-2018 http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8664-New-Year-Party-2018 Dear Members and Friends of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Let us welcome the New Year at our traditional NEW YEAR PARTY 2018 Tuesday, 16 January 2018, 18:30 – 22:00 Hotel Savoy Prague, Keplerova 218/6, Praha 1 In addition to excellent food and ambiance of the hotel Savoy you will be able to taste fine wines, supplied by Foltýn Wines, excellent Swiss coffee from our partner JURA and liquers presented by our new member, Rudolf Jelínek a.s. Mr. Vilém Veverka, the acclaimed and award-winning oboist, accepted our invitation to perform at the event. He is known not only to Czech audience but he performed in concert halls around the world including Vancouver, B.C. This invitation is also addressed to Friends of Canada who kindly supported the celebration of Canada 150 and Chamber 20. Event Partner : Hotel Savoy Prague Price per person: Members of the Chamber:   1 400 CZK Non-Members:                   1 700 CZK Would you please consider your support of the event by purchasing a promotion package .¨ The package has a value of CZK 5 000 and includes a display of your company roll-up and promotion materials at the place of the event. Your logo would be placed on our website and you would receive 1 free ticket for the dinner. Registration: Please respond to this email no later than on 10 January 2018. Should you require a specific seating do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to seeing you at the Hotel Savoy Prague! Lucie Krejčová Executive Director Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the CR Národní 1009/3 110 00  Praha 1 T.: +420 777 400 900 krejcova@gocanada.cz www.gocanada.cz Tue, 16 Jan 2018 18:30:00 GMT ABIE Blind Wine Tasting http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8663-ABIE-Blind-Wine-Tasting http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8663-ABIE-Blind-Wine-Tasting Happy New Year! Assuming that, by 18 January, you will have fully recovered from your hangover and any other deleterious effects of the holiday season, why not join us for ABIE's January event? It will be a fun networking event, and will feature: a training session on wine tasting from Foltyn Wine sommelier, Kristyna Krupkova.  She will be teaching us how to taste and describe wine and how to identify the characteristics of different wines. briefings on the current state of play for NZ and AU wines in Europe. blind tasting of a section of (not just NZ and AU) wines. In teams. we'll try to identify the country and region of origin, the grape variety, the vintage and the approximate retail price.  There will be some very high-quality premium wines in the mix, as well as a few cheaper ones. Fancy yourself as a wine expert? Or are you a novice?  Either way, come along and enjoy some great wine, learn about AU and NZ wines in Europe, enjoy some fantastic networking and great prizes for those who are best at figuring out what they are drinking! Venue :  Hotel Jalta Date : Thursday 18 January 2018 Time : 18.30 Registration : Email info@abiecz.org to reserve your place Cost :  400 CZK for ABIE Members and CANZA people, 600 CZK for guests.  This includes all tasting wines, wine for general consumption for the evening and canapes. Thu, 18 Jan 2018 18:30:00 GMT Austrian Ball 2018 http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8425-Austrian-Ball-2018 http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8425-Austrian-Ball-2018 The Austrian Ball preserves the tradition of the Viennese Ball. The Ball, held at Žofín Palace on Slavic Island, is the highlight of the Prague ball season and brings an annual piece of the Viennese Ball flair to the city. The Austrian Ball has become a traditional international meeting point of personalities drawn from the political, entrepreneurial, and cultural spheres, and has successfully attracted and involved many young dancers as well. The festive opening of the Austrian Ball will take place in the Large Hall. Both The Czech national Orchestra and Josef Hlavsa Orchestra will ensure a perfect atmosphere for the entire evening. The star guest of the next Austrian Ball is a young Czech singer popular not only in Czechia but abroad as well – Ewa Farna. The specialty of the Austrian Ball is „Taxi Dancers“, who may allow your dance partner to enjoy a little break. You can look forward to the Viennese delicacies, a glass of Champagne and tapas in Taittinger Champagne Lounge or the delicious cocktails in Wiener Café Bar. The hot beats will then make you dance at the Discotheque in the Small Hall. We are looking forward to meeting you! Facebook Event: www.facebook.com/events/317128062060042 Fri, 19 Jan 2018 20:00:00 GMT January Defrost Party 2018 http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8653-January-Defrost-Party-2018 http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8653-January-Defrost-Party-2018 The Nordic Chamber of Commerce and the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic cordially invite you to attend the event JANUARY DEFROST PARTY Let's defrost and taste Nordic & British cultures for the very first time in the history! Members: CZK 700 + VAT Non-Members: CZK 1400 + VAT Register Here Wed, 24 Jan 2018 18:30:00 GMT HOCKEY: HC SPARTA vs HC ŠKODA PLZEŇ http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8666-HOCKEY-HC-SPARTA-vs-HC-SKODA-PLZEN http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8666-HOCKEY-HC-SPARTA-vs-HC-SKODA-PLZEN The O2 arena will welcome one of the strongest teams in the current season from Pilsen. The Indians hold a great series against the Spartans and have not lost their points yet. The Spartans will certainly not accept this fact and will do their best to defeat the traditional rival from the West of Bohemia in the fourth battle of the season. Come to the O2 arena to see a great extra league hockey! Venue : SKYBOX for 40 people, privacy, excellent view,  including great refreshment (food, beer, and wine) Parking : on request Great opportunity to invite your clients, friends, employees and celebrate the New Year 2018! Members: CZK 1.900,-- + VAT Non-Members: CZK 2.400,-- + VAT Register Here Sun, 28 Jan 2018 20:00:00 GMT Register Your FREE Ticket for JobSpin.cz Job Fair Powered by Prague.TV - March 3, 2018 http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8674-Register-Your-FREE-Ticket-for-JobSpin-cz-Job-Fair-Powered http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s432/PragueConnect-cz/c1736-Events/i8674-Register-Your-FREE-Ticket-for-JobSpin-cz-Job-Fair-Powered JobSpin.cz Job Fair Powered by Prague Looking for multilingual employees? www.jobspin.cz/companies/jobspin-cz-job-fair-employers When and where: March 3, 2018, from 10 AM to 4:30 PM at Anglo-American University, Letenská 5, Prague 1 Entry free. JobSpin.cz Multilingual Job Fair is the most exciting international career networking event in town and a "must-attend" for all expatriate job seekers. This job fair is perfect for candidates with excellent language skills and international education or work experience. Come if You Want to... Meet in person your potential managers and coworkers. Give your resume in the hands of people who WILL read it. Ask the questions and get a good feel for the work you will be doing. Wait, there is more! You can join presentations for job-seekers, seek assistance for foreigners from expat centers, and get free professional consults regarding CV writing and interview preparation. And, as we always do, the job fair is FREE to attend for all expatriate job seekers. Do You Need to Speak Czech? Almost everyone who wants to relocate and find a job in the Czech Republic asks us about the Czech language – so, is it necessary to learn it or not? Our answer is no! The official language of the job fair is English. The companies seek people who speak English or English + another language – most often French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Italian, or Nordic languages. As you can see, Czech language is not on this list. TIP: Bring at least five printed copies of your CV! To register for the event, please visit www.jobspin.cz/jobfairprague Sat, 03 Mar 2018 10:00:00 GMT